Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    You have found our archive! Charming lives on here!
    02.05 One last puzzle before we depart!
    02.01 AC? What AC?
    01.26 Impending URL changes!
    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
    12.31 Enter the Winter Labyrinth if you dare!
    12.23 Professional Quidditch things...
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    12.20 Concerning immortality
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    Extended Profile

    Ophelia Dippet

    Fashion Columnist

    Fashion Columnist

    Played by Lynn
    Engaged 5 ft. 2 in.

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    Date of Birth
    03-12-1994 (26 years old)
    Local Time
    09-23-2020 at 09:52 AM
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    1 Month, 1 Week, 22 Hours, 58 Minutes, 16 Seconds
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    07-20-2018, 04:25 PM
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    Ophelia Dippet

    April, 1885

    10 the rain follows you when you're eeyore with ruby rayne
    10 your emotions have an echo with hannah echelon
    11 i want you to catch me like a cold with adalbert waffling
    11 your despair is inconvenient
    11 little white lies with lenora waffling
    14 infiltration with a. keene
    27 incendiary with regilla cockburn

    May, 1885

    11 just make it out to ‘my love’ with a. waffling
    22 that girl's a bitch with hannah echelon
    22 the dog days are over with barnabas skeeter

    June, 1885

    21 do you believe in love at first sight? with leonid fisk
    21 romantic fail with konstantin fisk

    July, 1885

    01 adventure time with rishi tandel
    01 to catch a fish with evandor lockwood
    10 to never forget with atticus kirke
    13 ”the talk” with katherina selwyn

    August, 1885

    24 say cheese with mortgomery keaton
    28 not what I had in mind with casper darrow
    30 hat over heels
    30 sure, I believe in all that stuff
    31 hope you’re the knight in shining armor type with ninian macfusty

    September, 1885

    01 the boredom takes you with elsa (?)
    01 no talent, no skill, no hope with ms. d. connolly
    01 a pact with ms. z. keaton
    01 advice (or just throw me at one of your cousins) with ms. o. humphrey
    03 chocolate speaks louder than words with zipporah keaton
    08 marital bliss with mrs. n. malfoy
    12 self-hurling: the fisk focus with l. fisk
    12 self-hurling: the browne bait with s. browne
    12 self-hurling: the kirke contrivance with a. kirke
    12 self-hurling: the tandel tactic with r. tandel
    12 self-hurling: the ross resolution with s. ross

    October, 1885

    01 the wrong kind of hurling

    November, 1885

    09 open my eyes with gilroy macfusty
    15 haven't got my sea legs with shay ross
    15 belle of the ball

    December, 1885

    17 o'er the hills we go with herschel dawlish
    20 mistletoe

    January, 1886

    17 justice
    22 the dog-girl with margaret callum
    22 woe is me with ms. keaton & ms. malfoy
    22 how dare you with ms. echelon

    August, 1886

    08 look what we made! with various
    15 a taste of something sweet with ulysses westerna
    20 call it luck or karma

    September, 1886

    10 wasn't in the cards

    October, 1886

    01 let's leo and kate this thing with savino zabini
    01 my last breath with terpischore rosier, jasper pippin
    08 surrogate best friend with roberto devine
    20 devious
    23 witch weekly avalanche of bad advice with ms. h. echelon
    31 float like a butterfly with quincey honeyduke

    November, 1886

    11 caution: toddler at work with luitpold striebel
    26 try not to be a bitch, it’s unflattering with shaymon ross
    26 wallflower with adelia lovegood, autumn avery
    27 where the wild things are with nathaniel herondale
    27 a flair for the dramatic with various
    28 we didn’t start the fire with various
    28 in ground unsanctified with roberto devine
    30 powerthirst: beast mode with joella wood, finlay connolly

    December, 1886

    16 nom de plume with mrs. malfoy
    17 surprise! with armando dippet
    18 going to her head with ms. dempsey
    20 undercover fashion police
    21 it's the accent with ichabod malcorvus

    January, 1887

    05 practice makes perfect
    20 hate mail with ms. m. prewett

    February, 1887

    12 speed dating with b. urquart
    12 aaaaaaaaaaah with November malfoy
    14 blush with nathaniel herondale
    14 but she's outta her mind with scarlett townsend
    14 and now you're mine with roberto devine
    15 with bated breath with balthazar urquart, armando dippet
    20 goodbye, cruel world with prunella vaisey
    26 invitations with various
    28 those pesky piskies with various

    March, 1887

    12 and though you protest with una walsh
    12 right on cue with roberto devine
    12 schadenfreude with vernon avery
    24 shout 'fire' on a crowded beach with roman crouch, perenia kaylock, glen kaur
    25 flowers in your hair
    26 truffle hunt with perenia kaylock
    26 dinner and a show with richard gladstone
    27 Maybe i'll never die with armando dippet, others
    27 make sure i see white sails with gilroy macfusty

    April, 1887

    06 what will become of us with armando dippet
    08 smells like teen spirit with herschel dawlish
    08 traveling song with perenia kaylock
    08 fine! with November malfoy
    10 the biological clock May be broken with serpentine malfoy
    12 be ok with November malfoy, roberto devine
    20 graves sprout up like wildflowers with delphine abrams
    20 delectable with roberto devine
    26 damn purists with marcus lytton

    May, 1887

    01 if it quacks like a duck... with atticus kirke
    02 titles, like hurling, take effort with david jennings
    11 brutal honesty with ellory pendergast
    14 probably about the time he noticed with a. dippet
    30 stereo hearts with roberto devine
    31 all according to plan with mrs. malfoy
    31 negotiations with armando dippet

    June, 1887

    09 dinosaur with herschel dawlish
    20 tie-dye romance with roberto devine
    20 still rock'n'roll to me with lucinda cavanaugh

    July, 1887

    09 calamity song with armando dippet
    13 going down with roberto devine
    19 a taste of ambrosia with marcus lytton

    September, 1887

    01 fortunes always fold with calliope riley
    02 broken silences with maria watchtower
    04 so, er, remember me? with b. urquart
    28 the green-eyed monster with viola orsino

    October, 1887

    01 so anyway, i'm leaving with r. devine
    01 but enough about you, let's talk about me with mrs. malfoy
    01 to lands unknown with miss dempsey
    01 five weeks of peace and quiet with armando dippet
    04 fool for love with roberto devine
    20 nightmare dressed as a day dream with eva sleptova
    24 to the management of the ladies' club, rose & thistle
    27 revenge of the squirrel with quincey honeyduke
    27 i'm the swan queen, bitch with viola orsino

    November, 1887

    01 the power of the pen
    08 floating ideas with mrs. malfoy
    09 the sounding board with miss dempsey
    10 give me gossip with mrs. cavanaugh
    11 the groundwork laid with mrs. riley
    13 putting things in motion with miss sleptova
    13 tete-a-tete with ismene swift
    30 awkward owls with mrs. greyback

    December, 1887

    09 trying too hard with
    31 injustice deliciously squared with herschel dawlish
    31 i am gonna make it through this year if it kills me with armando dippet

    January, 1888

    12 clumsy starts with roberto devine

    February, 1888

    # title with


    Quick Stats

    Born 1864
    Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes
    5 ft. 2 in.
    Slim Figure
    Upper Class
    Right Handed

    Misc. Facts

    Boggart: Herschel Dawlish

    Amortentia: Koi Pond

    Has a Niffler named Black Bart



    Witch Weekly Fashion Columnist (Under Pseudonym - Not Common Knowldge)
    [1887 - Present]


    Armando Dippet, Grandfather
    Roberto Devine, Fiancee

    November Malfoy, Close Friend
    Porphyria Dempsey, Close Friend
    Lucinda Cavanaugh, Friend
    Eva Humphrey-Mavis, Friend
    Calliope Riley, Friend


    Gryffindor [1875 - 1879]


    Muggle Studies

    Excelled in Charms, CoMC, Astronomy

    Attended Pendergast's School For Young Roses [1884 - 1885]

    Get featured in Witch Weekly!

    Glorious Moodboard By Emma | Delightful Ship!Board by Beanie
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