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Power in Over His Head - Daily Prophet - 09-12-2017

JUNE 12TH 1887

A Letter From A Concerned Voter

Mr. Conri Power, owner of Power Charms and Spell Supplies, recently announced his candidacy for Minister of Magic, based, it would seem, on the strength of his business experience since he has no experience in the Ministry or in any relevant political endeavor. As a successful businessman myself, I will not discount the idea that many valuable life lessons and leadership strengths can be learned and cultivated through the practice of running and managing a business, particularly one that one has seen from its roots as opposed to inheriting from a more interested relation. That being said, I fear those with less experience in this field may be inclined to overlook one very key detail from Mr. Power's announcement: he has been the proprietor of his shop since 1886, meaning he has been in the position less than one year.

There is nothing which happens in the first year of a fledgling business that qualifies a man to take leadership of the country. No significant challenges have arisen to be overcome and no hard decisions have had to be made.
A year is not really even a good measure of whether his shop is destined for success or not, as many ill-advised ventures have folded after drying up their capital two or even three years into their histories. The mere fact of his shop's continued existence does not mean that Mr. Power has any business skills and certainly does not make him a qualified leader.

At this stage, his growing company will still demand much of his time and effort if he wants to make it a successful endeavor. Mr. Power also recently married, and as any family man knows, new marriages are not without their own sets of difficulties. What makes Power think he is capable of juggling a third metaphorical ball at this point - and Britain, when he inevitably drops one, do you want to run the risk that the branch being sacrificed is your country?


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