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Soph's Retcons & Updates - Ellory Pendergast - 02-21-2018

Hellooo I'm back! Because I'm worried things might be lost via Skype, I'll have this thread to keep track of my retcons and "hi I'm back!" updates.

Katherina Selwyn will only have daughters on the new board. They're all alive and well. (Except of Noelle whose fate will be decided with Lauren and Olive). She never had a son. The Slughorn inheritance stuff never happened. (If that's okay Emma?) Her husband is still dead. Bree if you still play that Selwyn girl we can still have her be under Kath's care or maybe one of her daughters or whatever.

Eva Sleptova is Eva Humphrey-Mavis since December unless Jenny/Kayte/Olive killed her or Freddie off or whatever. She'll remain an NPC on the new site if that's okay! Obvi I'll bring her back if she's needed for things but otherwise happy married NPCland xD

Ellory had a strong magical cold in around January to explain why she wasn't out and about.

Seneca is still a smug little shit. xD

RE: Soph's Retcons & Updates - Annabelle Scrimgeour - 02-21-2018

I'd be down with the Augusta as a daughter thing. It would open up for family connections for her!

Frida is still gonna be the fourth year Huffie who wishes she fit in better, but she's not as easily trampled on!

RE: Soph's Retcons & Updates - Ellory Pendergast - 02-22-2018

Haha I meant she could be under one of the daughters’ care but I can see why it could be confusing :P <3 or she can be a granddaughter! We can talk in detail after the move (and when I have a proper laptop)

RE: Soph's Retcons & Updates - Helena MacMillan - 02-22-2018

I'm keeping Angel as a Fawley and could do with her mother being dead because otherwise she doesn't make sense so I hope that's cool? Oooh, or her parents could be ambassadors or expats or just shitty people or something and just dumped her on Kath after ignoring her for years? Up to you!

And how are things with Marcus? Is he coming over or being on vacay for a bit and if not can we repost the most recent Moneypenny? :D

RE: Soph's Retcons & Updates - Ellory Pendergast - 02-22-2018

Oooh right I forgot about that daughter. She can stay dead!

Marcus will probably return because I watched the invisible thread and that Was kinda one of the things that made me miss charming. He’ll be retconned to fit the new class system tough and stuff! Don’t expect a return until then probably

RE: Soph's Retcons & Updates - Clarissa Cosgrove - 02-27-2018

Welcome back, Soph!
(omg this is happening all over in my rp life, people coming back to rp after a break, are y'all in cahoots? jk <3)
[Image: tall7.gif]

And I'm fine with that? Kayte's the one that had Edric though so I don't feel like I'm the one to ask anyway xD