Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    You have found our archive! Charming lives on here!
    02.05 One last puzzle before we depart!
    02.01 AC? What AC?
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    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
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    Christmas @ Hogwarts 1883
    As usual, my annual who's-at-Hogwarts-over-break roundup! Running it earlier this year, so that we can maybe come up with something more for the kids to do than chill in the great hall (which has been the traditional holiday activity >.>)

    Some things to keep in mind:
    • If you're muggleborn, you would either spend your holidays at school, off in NPC land (aka mostly ignored for a couple of weeks), or with friends in the village.
    • We need staff volunteers to stick around. Nik says dibs not >.>
    • Your student cannot leave school grounds if they remain for the holidays, save for family emergency.


    • Castor Allaway (4)
      Cillian Notting (6)
      Gemma Simpson (5)
      George Carmichael (6)*
      Isadora Stevens (4)
      Kenton Gallivan (2)
      Lance Everhart (6)
      Muireann Sheehan (4)
    • His Majesty Merlin Huxley (7)*
      Lisbeth Fitzpatrick (5)
      Lutipold Striebel (6)
      Silvester Cumberdale (5)
      Questor Spryly (1)
    • Alianor Rabnott (3)
      Angie Sinnet (7)
      Beatrice Skye (5)*
      Cadence Nightingale (1)
      Ginny Chatfield (6)
      Islwyn Rabnott (6)
      Marianne Burdon (7)
      Yvonette Fawcett (5)
    • Aquilla Meliflua (7)*
      Brutus Kettleburn (7)
      Bryce Hawkes (3)
      Callista Kettleburn (1)
      Christopher Jameston (6)
      Fflur Hopkins (5)
      Guiles Montgomery (6)
      Laoise Simpson (2)
      Merrythught Galatea (7)
      Monty Lawrence (5)
      Rebecca Grey (7)
    • Icarus Prince
      James Reed
      Levictus Lawrence
      Lila Pearson
      Mason Skeeter
      Riley McGonagall
      Valkyria Argyle

    Oh, and just a heads-up to those who play my kids: Gallivans and Lestranges get to choose. Hamish will stay at school if his children do. Everyone else is expected to go home.

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
    James Reed the quidditch ref/flying instructor can stick around.
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.
    [Image: visig_zpstvfnsede.jpg]
    [Image: Stamp3_zpsc250b732.png] [Image: HamletBt_zps96feccff.png]
    Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickersLilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers
    Callista Kettleburn (1) slytherin

    Fflur Hopkins (5) slytherin

    That is all so far, but there might come some more
    [Image: LuDs.png]
    CREDIT: set by Kat
    Xuan Miguel is getting married and so not available to stay at school.
    William can stay but only will if there aren't enough professors without families to stay.

    Rosalind can stay in her office as Head Girl if necessary, but would prefer to go home.

    As for students, I have Yvonette Fawcett (5th year Ravenclaw) who will stay.
    [Image: r6wbw8.jpg]
    Lilypie Third Birthday tickersLilypie First Birthday tickers
    [Image: Morgana.png]
    painfully STUNNING set by Ladybug
    Levictus Lawrence will indeed be in Hogwarts for Christmas

    Monty Lawrence Slytherin 5th Year

    Aquilla Meliflua Slytherin 7th year
    [Image: gardeniasigfinal_zps8de427a1.jpg]
    American Heiress
    Like Marmite:
    Do you Love her? Or Hate her?
    [Image: xrsQth9.png]
    • Valkyria would happily stay as she says that her kids are old enough to spend Christmas on their own.
      On prefects, Trixie and Yarrow wouldn't mind staying if absolutely necessary.
    • Kenton Gallivan, 2, Gryffindor
      Isadora Stevens, 4, Gryffindor
      Eva Sleptova, 7, Slytherin
      Merrythought Galatea, 7, Slytherin
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    Muireann Sheehan (4) Gryffindor
    [Image: CLs.png]
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
    Credit: Set by Soph
    (11-22-2013, 12:08 PM)Beatrice Skye Wrote: STUDENTS:
    • Eva Sleptova, 7, Slytherin

    Nik wants the girls home.

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
    (11-22-2013, 12:16 PM)Odira Browne Wrote:
    (11-22-2013, 12:08 PM)Beatrice Skye Wrote: STUDENTS:
    • Eva Sleptova, 7, Slytherin

    Nik wants the girls home.

    Eva will very begrudgingly go home, then. xD
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    Pet would like to stay but she'll come home and sulk for the Christmas season.

    Questor Spryly, 1st year, Hufflepuff
    Brutus Kettleburn, 7th year, Slytherin

    And Icarus can stay as staff
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    Angie Sinnet - 7th Year Ravenclaw

    Mason Skeeter can stay for staff :]
    words cannot describe this set by Stef ♥
    [Image: oTMsdz.gif]
    [Image: 2emz8zq.png]
    Professor: Lila Pearson is staying

    Student: Silvester Cumberdale, fifth year Hufflepuff


    Beatrice Skye (5) Ravenclaw prefect can stay
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    George Carmichael (Gryffindor 6th) can stay as a prefect.
    [Image: oqvqx5.png][Image: 2qwn282.png]
    [Image: 2n8tv2c.jpg][Image: 6z3q8j.png]
    graphics by MJ
    Cassius Lestrange is staying at school!
    [Image: valsig_zpse9c40402.jpg]
    Cillian Notting (6th year Gryffindor) and Christopher Jameston (6th year Slytherin) will be staying for the holidays.
    Narcissa is 1/4 Veela and really works the charm angle.
    She's also a psychopath so if your character is perceptive they might get the creeps from her.

    [Image: k3PGLmS.png]

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