Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Dragon Wrangling 101: Wands at the Ready
    Private Thread 
    @Aurelia Herondale

    Sometime between Christmas and NYE I guess xD
    It wasn’t raining (yay!), but it was stilly rather dreary, the winter breeze cutting in from the coastline. Vernon kept his woolen coat clutched firmly about his person, momentarily wishing that his ‘fire hair’ was fire, as he’d forgotten his hat at MacFusty’s and felt rather silly going back for it.

    Though their time training together for Vernon’s new, dragon-based profession was quickly coming to a close, the restraint officer was now quite comfortable with his new friend, and had thought nothing of stopping in for a drink before heading home—one drink, alas, had turned to a bit more than he intended, and so he had thought it best to take a walk (in the less dragon-y bits of the island) to clear his head before he tried to apparate home.

    The chill of the air managed to cut sharply through any warmth the whiskey had left in his belly, and though still feeling a bit of a buzz, Vernon thought himself now well capable of returning home.

    And then there was a dragon on the path in front of him.

    The redhead swore. Loudly.

    Oh, it was hardly a full grown one—barely large enough to do more than smoke at him—but he had encountered this particular sass machine before and it didn’t like him. Vernon took signifigantly longer than he might have expected internally debating whether it was worth it to endure an attack and stay warm or if he should shed his coat to unveil his wand.

    The noise seemed to irritate the young dragon, who let out a tentative (though small, and brief) jet of flame. This made up Vernon’s mind for him.

    More quickly than he ever had for any other reason ([Image: 2jg1qq9.gif]), Vernon was out of his coat—and would have been out of anything else too, had the situation warranted it. Wand now very much in-hand, Vernon rounded on the dragon, deciding he was very glad indeed to have spent so much time in MacFusty’s company of late.

    After firing a (successful!) stunner at the reptile’s eye, the wizard moved closer to physically clear the thing out of the path. Plainly, though, his stunning spells were not half so effective as they had been when he served as an auror, as the dragon chose precisely that moment to bite off half of his wand.

    [Image: adpFrVq.jpg]
    even if vernon wasn't sexy, his ladyset would be <3
    Even though it was raining, Tilda didn't exactly feel like throwing knives today – she still needed to make up for lost time that she had lost over the holidays. She had to get back into the swing of things. She practiced in the barn before deciding to take Venetia out to the trails. She was about to ask Mac if he wanted to come, but then she remembered he'd had a guest and thought it best not to bother them. Inhaling the sharp smell of the salt in the air from the sea, the Gryffindor warmed her horse up a bit before asking for a canter.

    It was a while before she stopped. Tilda was still perhaps a bit punch-drunk in having been informed that she was a Hogwarts champion for the Pan Magical Games. She had to ride off this energy that had suddenly seized hold of her. The sound of a male voice swearing tore through her thoughts, and she pulled Venetia to a stop. Then she heard the roar of a dragon, and her heart stopped. That friend of Mac's better not have gone looking for something to prove to everyone. "Bloody hell," she swore to herself, wheeling Venetia around and setting at a gallop towards the commotion.

    Taking in the sights before her, Tilda saw it was one of the particularly moody dragons, and swore loudly again, not bothering to watch her words. This man was confronting a dragon - if she got chastised for her words, then sue her - she had to make sure this man got away with his body in one – oh, great the man went and got his wand bit in half! Half vaulting out of the saddle, Tilda set at a run towards the man. Venetia knew to stay a good length away from dragons, and set at a trot further away to graze and hopefully not get eaten.

    "Move!" Tilda said firmly, though careful not to raise her voice. It wouldn't make the dragon happy at all. Putting herself between the man and the dragon, Tilda took out a small device from her riding cloak – thank the lord she'd left it in there at her last session with the dragons. It looked like a small hollow wooden ring about 5 inches tall on a long string. Holding it by it's string, Tilda spun the wooden device round and round. Once the device picked up momentum, a soft but prominent humming sound filled the air, wavering it's tone hypnotically. She hoped that the device would do it's trick and be calmed by the tone in the air.

    The dragon let out a roar, it's eyes fixing on Tilda, though still attempting to see it's previous target behind her. "Oh, no ye doen't, ye beastie." Tilda said softly. She prayed to Merlin this would work.
    Tilda speaks with an accent that is a mix between Scottish and Irish.
    [Image: cNEJhqJ.jpg]
    Vernon was altogether startled (though more relieved than he would ever admit) when a woman moved between him and the little shit that had destroyed his wand. Though ordinarily the redhead might have taken umbrage at being bossed about by a woman, the entire situation was surreal enough that he took a step back without even realizing he had done it, now as transfixed as the dragon by whatever trick she was trying to do.

    MacFusty women—for she was plainly that—were strange creatures.

    “Now why couldn’t Mac’ve given me one of those damn little toys,” the wizard muttered to himself.
    [Image: adpFrVq.jpg]
    even if vernon wasn't sexy, his ladyset would be <3
    The whirring continued and Tilda saw the dragon slowly begin to lull into a daze. Thankful that it had started working, the smallest MacFusty turned to look curiously at the man behind her. He was quite handsome, she noted, though she couldn't read the expression on his face. "Are you alrigh'?" she inquired, hoping his hand hadn't been amputated in the middle of the small skirmish. Judging by the lack of excessive blood and screams she didn't think so, but the shock of having a dragon snap at you could be chilling.

    ooc: sorry it's short >.>
    Tilda speaks with an accent that is a mix between Scottish and Irish.
    [Image: cNEJhqJ.jpg]
    Vernon watched in near-awe as the girl’s device seemed to soothe the dragon like a mother soothed a babe. No longer in immediate danger, the redhead now had the leisure to be mildly embarrassed that a girl could do what he could not (that is, rescue him from a dragon like a damsel in distress) but then, these were the Hebrides. All sorts of peculiar things happened here.

    “I’m in much better shape than my wand, I’d say—no worse for wear than that,” he offered with a small shrug. “Though I’m curious about that wee toy you’ve got there; seems damn useful.”
    [Image: adpFrVq.jpg]
    even if vernon wasn't sexy, his ladyset would be <3
    Tilda smiled at the man, glad that he was in one piece. At least she didn't have to deal with an angry dragon and a bleeding person – then again, she'd missed a chance to practice her first aid...focusing back on the situation, the witch looked over the man, just to be sure he was alright. Strong stance, if not looking a bit bemused. He wasn't showing any signs of shock, so that was the good part. "It's a whistle," The sound whirring through the air was, in her opinion, enough to calm anyone down. Maybe that was just because it was a part of her childhood. She'd fall asleep hearing her dad use it on their dragons.

    "It's s'posed to mimic the sound that the wind makes whistling through their ears when they're flying* – very soothing, is it not?" She smiled, thinking of the nights she'd fallen asleep to the sound. Even Venetia had wandered a little back towards her owner, hearing the sound.

    * im just bs-ing my way through this >.>
    Tilda speaks with an accent that is a mix between Scottish and Irish.
    [Image: cNEJhqJ.jpg]
    “Soothing to know there’s something that can tame the wee beasties? I’d say so,” he chuckled amiably. “And do you often to have cause to use the thing, miss, or was this simply a stroke of luck?”

    She had a pretty face—objectively, he thought that it signified a lack of interaction with the dragons, though she could just be exceptionally good with them, making his own failing even more ridiculous. If she were a frequent presence in these parts, though, Vernon suspected he would quite like his new occupation.

    @Tilda MacFusty
    [Image: adpFrVq.jpg]
    even if vernon wasn't sexy, his ladyset would be <3
    Tilda laughed lightly, smiling at the man. She liked that he had a sense of humor, despite his obvious near-death encounter with a rogue dragon, which by the way, was still eyeing the contraption in her hand, mesmerized by the sound. "Ah more meant th'sound rather than the taming," she commented good-naturedly, though she knew he was joking.

    Of course she had cause to use it, she was a MacFusty! A brief expression of confusion crossed the Gryffindor's face before she realized he probably had no idea who she was. "Oh!" she executed a brief curtsey, hoping he'd forgive her for not gracing him with a full one – she had her hands a bit occupied for such extravagances. "Ah'm Mathilda MacFusty, sir. Ah live here."

    @Odira Potter
    Tilda speaks with an accent that is a mix between Scottish and Irish.
    [Image: cNEJhqJ.jpg]
    Not even the barest twinge of surprise registered as she gave her name. Male or female, Vernon suspected it took a very special sort of person to work with dragons—a specialness that ran rampant through the MacFusty bloodline and generally ignored all the more sensible people of the world.

    “Vernon Avery,” he replied with an easy smile. “One of your cousins has been training me up for the new dragon unit at the Ministry,” Vernon added, deciding it best to explain why exactly he was frolicking about up here. At least, he assumed she was Mac’s cousin—wasn’t the only sister…Malsomethingorother? Certainly didn’t sound like Tilda, at any rate.

    “How long do you think that trinket of yours is likely to last?” the redhead asked. “With no wand…” Vernon trailed off. Much though he would have liked to chat (for educational purposes, of course), he also wanted to not get roasted alive.
    [Image: adpFrVq.jpg]
    even if vernon wasn't sexy, his ladyset would be <3
    Tilda tilted her head, running quickly through the list of her cousins who would take on an outlandersider and trust him with dragons. "Mac?" Well, at least he wasn't looking to prove himself against a dragon like some idiots. She smiled, vaguely noting her arm was getting rather tired from swinging the whistle. "Yer in good hands with 'im, ye are."

    Then she frowned, because the man had a point. Her eyes tilted upwards in a worried expression. That's right, he didn't have a wand. For a minute, she eyed him as if assessing if he was likely to attack her should he get the chance. "I could give ye mah wand." she replied. It was really the only solution she felt she had in mind. Otherwise she'd have to get this dragon out herself, and as skilled as she was with dragons at her age, there was only so much one could do by oneself.

    @Odira Potter because puns are hilarious
    Tilda speaks with an accent that is a mix between Scottish and Irish.
    [Image: cNEJhqJ.jpg]
    Vernon did not feel like he was in good hands at this particular moment—at least, if he did, not like they were Mac’s hands, as that idiot was the reason he’d had two (or three…) whiskeys before setting out. The twat. Miss MacFusty, however, was proving to be infinitely more useful under the present circumstances, but even her offer of the wand did not solve all their problems.

    “You trust I’ll not get this one eaten?” Vernon inquired wryly, eyebrows raised. Given his luck thus far, she was showing a great deal of faith in the offer.
    [Image: adpFrVq.jpg]
    even if vernon wasn't sexy, his ladyset would be <3
    Now her arm was really hurting her, and Tilda was starting to wonder how long this man had been training with her cousin. Clearly not long enough, since he was a little slow in catching on that him using her wand was one of the only options left. "D'ye have any more suggestions?" she threw back, starting to get frustrated. The dragon was showing signs of submission, but he was also showing signs that he was getting aggravated again. "Because we're runnin' outta time, here..." Tilda may be a MacFusty, but she was no where near the expert her father was...
    Tilda speaks with an accent that is a mix between Scottish and Irish.
    [Image: cNEJhqJ.jpg]
    Punching it in the eye might work, or it might vex the beast entirely. Probably the latter. She was a MacFusty—wasn’t she supposed to be able to handle this sort of thing? The family did not seem like one to let their girls be sheltered (though in fairness, Miss Mathilda seemed nothing if not capable). Clearly, though, his concern for the well-being of her wand—and thus the physical well-being of both of them—was not the most prudent in a situation that demanded action.

    “Give it here then,” Vernon said in a whatever you say sort of tone, outstretching his hand in her direction.
    [Image: adpFrVq.jpg]
    even if vernon wasn't sexy, his ladyset would be <3
    Her shoulder was extremely sore by now, and she scowled at the man before tossing him her wand. "How much has Mac taught you by now?" she questioned, hoping he was at least experienced enough that he knew what to do should an even bigger crisis occur. She was a MacFusty, but that didn't mean she was born with the ability to talk to dragons.
    Tilda speaks with an accent that is a mix between Scottish and Irish.
    [Image: cNEJhqJ.jpg]
    “Enough, he said, but at the moment,” Vernon laughed nervously, “I’m a little skeptical of his judgment.”

    With the unfamiliar wand in hand, though, his nerves did not translate into his casting—performing under pressure was never something with which the former auror had struggled. With practiced aim, he fired one of the suppressing charms he had been taught into the dragon’s eye.
    [Image: adpFrVq.jpg]
    even if vernon wasn't sexy, his ladyset would be <3
    Tilda sincerely hoped he was telling the truth, and this wasn't a whole machismo thing. She hated that. As she watched him aim and fire the spell, she kept spinning the device. She was mildly surprised how calm he was being, despite the rather unfortunate situation. She made a mental note to ask what his former professions were after they were safe and not eaten by a dragon.

    As he was hit, the dragon had a brief stunned look in his eye and immediately collapsed, wings folding in and head crashing to the ground. "Ah!" Tilda exclaimed triumphantly. "Tha' was a nice shot," she turned to him, stopping the whirring device. She gathered it up and put it in her cloak pocket before holding her hand out for her wand. He'd obviously proven his competence, but still, Tilda didn't like being without her wand for long. "That spell should hold for a while – I've seen it done on him, and he's a surprising lightweight." She chuckled to herself.
    Tilda speaks with an accent that is a mix between Scottish and Irish.
    [Image: cNEJhqJ.jpg]

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