Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    It hadn't quite sunk in yet for Ada that she would be Mrs. Balthazar Urquart in a mere 48 hours. The week was turning out to be a wild ride having started with flying tigers and fated to end in matrimony. It was at least starting to sink in that she was getting married in two days thanks to the flurry of preparations, most notably the unworn wedding gown waiting patiently for it's day sat in her closet back home.

    Everything else was otherwise ready, except perhaps the bride's nerves. She was as restless as she'd ever known herself and had simply had to get out of the house and today that lead her to Diagon Alley. She had hoped the shops would serve as a distraction on her solo venture, but instead she had spotted a pair of earrings that seemed to match her wedding gown better than the pair she had intended to wear. Restless and uneasy as she was, she couldn't really help but to go inside and take a closer look.

    A short while later, the clerk was handing over a dainty bag in which the box containing the earrings could be found. Ada accepted the bag and as she did, suddenly had that feeling of a pair of scrutinizing eyes upon the back of her.

    JULY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @'Iphigenia Urquart'
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       Iphigenia Urquart
    To settle down with a well-bred, pure-blooded girl was, more or less, all Iphigenia had ever wanted for her son and it was facetiously like him to do so now when she was not able to acquaint herself with the bride through the proper channels, had not been told in person, and was not invited to the wedding despite it being glaringly obvious that others in her household were. The fact that she had not spoken to Balthazar in years was immaterial when it came to marriage - (she blatently ignored that a wedding was the reason for their estrangement in the first place with gusto) - she was his mother. She had a right to inspect this girl.

    Happily the name alone conjured up some hope and from everything she had heard there was barely a whiff of scandal around the family. There had been a sister, she had discovered, who had been something of a slattern but she had done them the favour of dying before she could burden them with a bastard child so that scarcely mattered. They all had black sheep after all.

    Diagon Alley was not her favourite place in the world but irritated by the mere mention of the wedding at home she had ventured out and found herself perusing the shops with relative disinterest. The windows held little interest but-wait. Wasn't that her? Iphigenia's eyes bore into the back of the young woman inside the jewellers with fierce interest as she realised that this was in fact Miss Adelia Lovegood who, unmet, was to become her daughter-in-law.

    A small smile twitched at her lips as she realised she would be able to thwart Balthazar somewhat here - the last time he had married quietly and then introduced his bride to them willingly, this time he was marrying with slightly more fanfare and had no intention of her ever meeting Miss Adelia Lovegood. Eyebrow raised meticulusly she waited for the girl to come to her.
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    [Image: Iphigenia_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    perfect Mama!Urquart set by Soph
    Ada turned and spotted a blonde woman looking in through the shop window and straight at her, which sent a shiver down her spine for she didn't recognize the woman at all. Apprehensively, she headed for the door wondering whether this strange woman was going to accost her or just stare at her some more. Perhaps she'd been mistaken and she wasn't even really looking at her but just sort of... people watching in general. Perhaps she wanted some jewelry herself and just happened to be looking through the window and catching her eye had been a coincidence.

    She'd find out any moment, she supposed. As she left through the door she debated whether to walk on or perhaps approach the woman. She decided to continue on her way, it might be embarrassing if the lady had no interest in her and if she did have some business with her then she would surely make it known.

    Closing the door behind her, she made a start for her next destination, whatever that ended up being.

    JULY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @'Iphigenia Urquart'
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       Iphigenia Urquart
    She looked nervous. Good. She ought to be nervous if she was to marry Balthazar and enter into the Urquart family – even if it would be the lesser side of the family that Iphigenia half-wished didn’t hold claim to the name most of the time. At least Evelyn was relatively anonymous, with only the name of some obscure Scottish poet to distinguish her – likely the McGonagalls would never be heard of again!

    Following Miss Lovegood the moment she left the shop Iphigenia made sure to keep a close distance between them. She knew precisely what end she sought and the longer Miss Lovegood wished to ignore her the more amusing it would be when she realised quite whom she had been nervous of.

    Insolent chit. She might be an improvement in looks but she certainly did not buy her jewellery anywhere Iphigenia would have considered appropriate. Honoria likely wouldn’t have been seen dead in any of this tat and she spared a brief moment to think of a time she might have been able to pass something along to Balthazar’s chosen bride.

    But that was not to be – this one was skittish and the last had been, well…            

    Reaching into her pocket Iphigenia gripped her wand and, without removing it from the confines of her robe, she sent a spell to split the bag in Miss Lovegood’s arms – all the better to slow her down…
    [Image: Iphigenia_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    perfect Mama!Urquart set by Soph
    As Ada left the little jewelry store behind her, she had that feeling again as though she was being watched. Her imagination dared to suggest that perhaps she was even being followed. How unsettling, even in daylight hours! It wasn't as though people often stalked her, not that she was even entirely convinced she wasn't suffering from wedding jitter related paranoia. That was a thing, wasn't it? A perfectly normal thing?

    A loud tearing noise made her look down at the bag in her hand which promptly spilled its contents onto the street. Intuition told her immediately that it was no accident or coincidence, but her determination to be rational about it made her stop to pick up the little box and to consider that it might have gotten caught on something. Perhaps someone had been trying to pickpocket her and hadn't been fast enough to get at the contents? Somehow that was more reassuring than attributing the damage to the woman she'd felt stared down by.

    Just to make sure she hadn't actually been targeted by incredibly organized and sophisticated pickpockets, Ada remained stationed in the street with her back facing the way she had come, and opened the earring box. Inside, she was relieved to see, were the earrings just as they ought to be. Ada breathed a small sigh of relief.

    JULY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @'Iphigenia Urquart'
    Lips twitching with amusement at the rabbit-like movements of the girl who had clearly sensed her presence by now Iphigenia kept her face stony as she took steps closer, bored with the game of cat and mouse and eager to make her presence known. They were to be related soon, nominally at least, and she couldn't pretend she was not intrigued to meet this pale spinster who was good enough to marry her son.

    Fortunately the girl was looking quite the right way for her to make her approach and make the whole thing seem coincidental. It certainly wouldn’t do to be thought keen to meet the child.

    “Oh my dear, you seem to have suffered a mishap,” she commented as she came close, her sympathy as perfectly formed and insincere as most emotion she expressed.
    [Image: Iphigenia_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    perfect Mama!Urquart set by Soph
    A voice that seemed too close and uttering words that seemed far too relevant for Ada to think they were aimed at anyone else, made Ada turned around abruptly to see just who was talking to her. She oughtn't to have been surprised but she was, at least a little, to find that it was the same woman that had been staring at her a little too intensely for her liking. This was even more unsettling.

    "Oh it's nothing, really. My bag just..." Suddenly it seemed a little too convenient to be a mere coincidence. Could this woman be the culprit? If she was, that meant she must have some sort of ulterior motive but what could it possibly be? "It ripped but it's all right, nothing was damaged or lost." she smiled and tried to sound as cheerful as she might usually, but it was no easy feet with her troubled mind as it was anyway, and with her mistrust of the woman stood before her, it was even more difficult.

    JULY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @'Iphigenia Urquart'
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       Iphigenia Urquart
    The aging ingénue that had stolen her son’s heart – apparently – was almost precisely as suggestible as she had imagined and Iphigenia nearly, nearly mind, she wasn’t Spanish, smiled at the thought of being proven right. She was prettier up close, she would give the girl that much at least, even if her age did rather shout itself from the rafters though not by skin or blemishes but instead by her eyes.

    Girl she might be, but Miss Lovegood had known pain. Good. She would likely know more by putting herself in such a position so it was gratifying at least to think that she might stand up against the rigours to come.

    “Those are beautiful gems my dear,” she said, ignoring utterly what Miss Lovegood had said in favour and reaching forth grasp the back of the girls hand and pull it towards her. It wasn’t forceful exactly but Iphigenia was not accustomed to being denied and, satisfyingly, Miss Lovegood’s hand outstretched towards her. “Perfect for a wedding.”
    [Image: Iphigenia_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    perfect Mama!Urquart set by Soph
    Ada flushed pink as the woman proved not only to be very forward but apparently informed too. It would be hard for someone to have missed the memo that the Minister was remarrying and to Hogsmeade's most infamous spinster of the moment, but she'd never had a complete stranger approach her like this. Most people didn't even recognize her or at the very least pretended not to. She rather preferred not being accosted in the street by strangers.

    She looked every bit the deer in headlights that she felt. "Uhh um, thank you. I actually bought them with that in mind..." Ada couldn't believe it was a coincidence that the woman had brought up weddings, but why, what did she want? She really wasn't sure what else to say, it was possibly the most uncomfortable conversation she'd ever endured. Well, not quite, the prize for that would have to go to one of her runs in with Felicity Riley or Mr. Herondale.

    JULY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @'Iphigenia Urquart'
    Sometimes it was simply too easy. One day society might spew out a young woman who had enough about her to impress Iphigenia but in all her years it was yet to do so: some of her peers were not too foolish but one did not get prizes for age. Not in this game.

    “My congratulations dear, who is the fortunate man?”

    Had she been looking at the situation through any other eyes Iphigenia thought the question might even be a sincere one. For all intents and purposes Miss Lovegood seemed like a pretty, quiet young woman and no doubt she would keep her mouth shut for functions and not embarrass Balt. She might even give him some children that were presentable.

    “Come now. I credit myself with knowing almost everybody.”
    [Image: Iphigenia_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    perfect Mama!Urquart set by Soph
    This woman couldn't really be so oblivious, could she? It seemed as though everyone knew about her forthcoming nuptials whether she was acquainted with them or not. Ashamed of her own train of thought, she figured she probably ought to be thankful not suspicious that there were still strangers who didn't look at her with preconceived notions in their heads thanks to the Daily Prophet or Witch Weekly.

    For this woman to claim ignorance as well as knowledge was admittedly suspect, however.

    "Mr. Urquart." Then, reluctantly for it felt like bragging but he wasn't the only Urquart in the country, she added, "The Minister of Magic." Of all the eligible gentlemen in the country, why did she have to draw the attention of the Minister of Magic? She liked Balthazar Urquart perfectly well separate from his occupation, she liked him just as much with his occupation but she didn't care for his occupation on its own. What reaction would her response garner, Ada wondered.

    JULY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @'Iphigenia Urquart'
    “Ah yes, I certainly know him,” she said in a low, steady voice that offered no indication of how she felt about the matter to the world at large. To everybody else she had maintained a stoic silence on her son and his choices since they had become estranged from one another, but inside her own heart she remained furious with him for giving her no choice but to cut off connections. She loved him. She would always love him for the simple fact that he was a part of her and nothing either of them did could ever break that connection in its entirety, no matter how much they might wish for it.

    “Although we have not been close for many years. Not since before he married his first wife in fact.” She said with a sneer at the very thought of the woman. “I trust he is well?”
    [Image: Iphigenia_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    perfect Mama!Urquart set by Soph
    Not for the first time since encountering this strange woman, Ada found herself wrong-footed and unsure of what to say or do. That she had said that she knew him as opposed to knowing of him had seemed like a strange choice of words at first and this was only confirmed by the assertion that she had been 'close' to the Minister. The way she was speaking she would almost certainly have to be family but Ada didn't know enough about her soon to be husband's family to be able to guess confidently the woman's identity. An aunt perhaps? A cousin?

    The thought that the imposing woman stood before her might be his mother did cross Ada's mind but it was such a close connection that she didn't give it any real consideration past a fleeting thought. "Uh yes, yes he's well." It suddenly occurred to her that she'd probably have to get used to being probed for information on Minister Urquart, that that was the sort of intimacy she'd presumably have with the man. With more distance between herself and the wedding it would have seemed a pleasing prospect but at present it was unsettling instead. "I hope you don't mind my asking, but are you a relative of Mr. Urquart?"

    JULY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @'Iphigenia Urquart'
    Iphigenia’s lip curled imperceptibly at the question and she wondered how it had taken the girl so long to hit upon the connection: did they not have the same eyes? The same long nose and bearing? Balthazar might squander his familiar connections but he was still her son and he could not escape that no matter how much he might wish to.

    “I am Mrs Urquart. A title that I will now share with two daughters-in-law though it remains to be seen how suited to the name either are.” She said coolly. “Are you acquainted with Honoria at all?”

    It was possible that with only the faint whiff of desperation lingering around her than Miss Lovegood would bring significantly less intrigue into the family than Honoria had, although she could hardly fail to credit her current daughter-in-law with the dignity to endure the mutterings of society. Whether the new one would have any upsides was still uncertain.
    [Image: Iphigenia_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    perfect Mama!Urquart set by Soph
    Ada's stomach seemed to clench in horror at her newfound knowledge of just whom she had been talking to. The whole interaction suddenly made sense and she felt a fool for not having twigged anything sooner. "Mrs. Urquart!" she gasped, unable to stop herself. She colored with embarrassment. Was this how she was to meet her almost mother-in-law for the first time? Of course she was estranged from her son as far as Ada was aware which she thought a great shame but that only made it worse; hadn't the rift between them come as a result of Mr. Urquart's choice in first wife?

    "Please forgive me, I had no idea- It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." It wasn't quite a pleasure yet but she supposed she was pleased to have met the woman before marrying her son, it would be even more awkward to meet her as Mrs. Urquart and hope that she approved of her. She seemed already to be an indomitable sort of lady and she supposed that made sense, she couldn't imagine it was easy to disown one's own son and to keep it up for any length of time.

    Remembering her question about the other Mrs. Urquart, Ada hastily addressed it. "I can't claim to be well-acquainted with your daughter-in-law, but I am somewhat so, yes."

    JULY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @'Iphigenia Urquart'
    She knew that much already of course. Honoria might possess more backbone than the rest of her children put together but Iphigenia would be a poor woman indeed if she were not able to wheedle the truth out of even the most opaque of subjects.

    “I do hope she leads you along the right path, you will certainly need the help,” she replied with a stony face. The girl was pretty and well-connected enough, but Balthazar was not an easy boy and the sooner she learnt that the better. “I only wish I could offer you the same but…well,” she took another look at the girl’s face, a face that might soon be blended with her son’s in the visage of more grandchildren she did not know. “Circumstances being what they are.”

    With a final flicker of her eyes Iphigenia turned on her heel. She had seen the girl as she intended to, and hopefully unsettled her though that had not been the point of the exercise, and now she would wait to see what happened next.
    [Image: Iphigenia_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    perfect Mama!Urquart set by Soph