Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    July 9th/10th

    “I’m starting to think we’re a little understaffed.”  Le said to himself as he pushed deeper into the market, his wand held at the ready.  He couldn’t help but feel like the enormity of the situation might be a bit much for a couple of ministry department workers to handle.They’d set out in pairs; It didn't make sense to rush in alone and get themselves killed, someone had said.  He’d ended up alone anyways.  The chaos had seen him separated from his partner but - and this was an important but - he hadn’t gotten himself killed.    

    It wasn’t for lack of trying, of course.  The large swath of claw marks from his left shoulder to his mid-back was evidence of that.  Someone had stopped most of the bleeding with a crude charm and he knew he would need to see a proper healer eventually but there were still so many people missing he couldn’t turn in now.

    It had been several hours and the dust from the collapse had begun to settle.  It swirled in clouds around his ankles with every step he took.  Streaked with dust, sweat, and blood he trudged on.  Hours of adrenaline and tension was taking its toll leaving his body sore and tired.

    With a start he spotted the shimmer of a protective charm and moved towards it, silently thanking all the people who’d been smart enough to bunker down in safety rather than try to run.  He’d seen the remains of too many who didn’t make it.  He stopped short of the protective barrier and called through it.  

    “I’m with the Ministry, are you alright?”
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    After the embarrassingly but fortunately not too destructive incident at the Market less than a week ago, during which she had become the pilot of a rogue magic carpet and ended up careening into a rather less than impressed Mr Crouch, Minnie had been quite sure than anything else that happened at the Marketplace would be quite uninteresting. She had been quite, quite wrong.

    After the initial attack – during which she had managed to stun a tiger into near-unconsciousness before promptly hiding for all she was worth and casting a protective charm around herself – Minnie had seen the end in sight. The tigers were winning, the Ministry was slow in responding and, after living through fire and plague and Mr Crouch’s ire and auntie Olivia’s school and all manner of other terrible calamities, she was going to be eaten by tigers. She had cried silently in her huddled hiding place, hoping Emma remembered her well and that mama wouldn’t be too sad and before she knew it the world, as she had expected it would, came crashing down around her and darkness fell.

    Before it could occur to her to apparate away unconsciousness had claimed Minnie briefly until a voice cut through the haze of her mind and she realise that, against expectations, she was alive!

    “I…I think so,” she replied uncertainly, unable to make her voice especially loud and so she kicked out against the barrier in the hope it’s movement would stop whoever it was before they left her here, thinking her dead. “Please help me!” She coughed out.

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    When Le saw the form stir he released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.  At what point had he started assuming every prone body was dead?  He moved towards her only stopping when he felt the force of the barrier pushing him back.  

    "Please, if you are hurt try not to move."  he said hurriedly, scanning the barrier for a gap or break he could get through.  He was impressed to find it whole and complete which was surely why she'd lasted this long.  He stepped back and cast a larger barrier of his own, taking care to completely enclose himself and her own shield within it.

    He moved back as close to her as her barrier would allow.  "I've got us covered -"  he began gently.  He would be lying if he said he wasn't at least  a little relieved to be under protection himself for a moment, he couldn't imagine how she must be feeling.  "If you can, I need you to lower your shield.  Mine will protect us when you do."
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    The voice reached her again and Minnie felt tears sting her eyes in relief and wash away some of the dust that had settled there, helping her see clearer and begin to identify the outline of her rescuer through the barrier that remained. It couldn’t be hers. She never had the skill others possessed but…if it was not hers then surely he wouldn’t be asking her to take it down? Tentatively she felt for her wand to cast finite incantatem mentally, unable to make the sound come from her lips and being rather shocked when the barrier did indeed come down.

    Perhaps panic had compelled her to greater heights of technique? Who knew!

    “I’ve done it,” she said, coughing as he came into better focus, trusting unquestionably that he would keep her safe now. Something about him seemed make her feel safe, which was faintly ridiculous given she had yet to see his face, and she blinked again to get a better look at his face. “I think I’m a little bit stuck.”
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    "Yes, yes that's it" he coaxed, seeing her reach for her wand.  He saw the barrier fall even before she said so and uttered a relieved  "Well done!" as he moved to her side.  It was a much needed stroke of luck...breaking down the barrier would been a time consuming battle.

    "We'll get you unstuck right quick."  he tried to be reassuring but he knew they were far from in the clear yet.   Scanning her for injuries was a largely fruitless effort; between the piles of rubble, dust, and general bulk of women's fashion without any obvious indicators he wouldn't be able to see if she was injured. "Are you hurt?"  He knew a few spells, a few quick fixes, but he was no healer.  If she was badly injured he'd be useless.
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    The encouragement kept Minnie’s spirits up and the face that came into view after a few more blinks cleared away the dusty debris was familiar enough that Minnie instinctively trusted him. Reaching out wildly she scrambled to take hold of his arm, frantically trying to pull herself out of the hole and to the safety she perceived in the clear air. For all she knew the tigers were out there still but the young man…

    “No, I don’t believe so,” she said as she wriggled her feet to make sure they weren’t caught underneath something and would be able to propel her to freedom. She had a panic-stricken thought that she might be trapped forever but clinging onto him she pulled herself further, fingers no doubt digging into his arm.

    “What happened?” She said with a sniffle, eyes filling with tears as she beheld the small amount of the disaster she could see. There was debris and blood everywhere and oh Merlin some people were probably dead. “It all happened so quickly I didn’t see anything.”
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    Le would've preferred she sit there for a moment but her wild grab for his arm told him there would be no convincing her.  He cupped her elbow offering his other hand and waited for her to move rather than pull her up and slowly they rose.  He watched her face, not quite ready to take her word that she was unhurt, her fierce grip on his arm a sharp reminder of the terror he'd been too distracted to notice.

    The first hint of tears had him patting down his pockets in search of a pocketsquare that wasn't there.  It was a weird situation to be reaching for a handkerchief but it was the only thing he could think to do.  He couldn't even offer a sleeve, rolled up and dirty as they were

    "I don't know" he said honestly with a shake of his head.  "I'm sure we'll both be reading about it in the papers tomorrow."  They would both make it home.  He to his wife and daughter and she to her family.  And they would go about their lives somehow.  It was the only scenario Le would accept.  "With a nice cup of tea, yeah?  couple of biscuits?" he ducked his head so they were eye level, risking a weak smile.
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    “Do you really think so?” She asked with a sniffle, controlling her tears as she blinked away more of the dusty debris that had settled in her eyes. Emotional she might be but really, the majority of it was just dust. As he came into clearer focus she curled her fingers into his sleeve, holding tight in case he vanished and left her alone: she didn’t want to be cowardly and certainly didn’t want to prevent him from helping others who needed it but the thought of being left alone amongst all this was horrifying. If she could just go with him perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad?

    She blinked again and wiped at her eyes, leaving them sore but clear for the first time.

    It was him, she realised with a start. Mr…oh, what was it? He had helped her before – it seemed it was his calling in life to be there when she needed rescuing, although this was obviously much more serious than simply getting a little bit turned around in the park! Granger? No, that wasn’t right. Grant? Grantham?

    “It’s you!”
    [Image: Minnie_SIG_by_Bee.png]
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    Le was happy to find her soon wiping her tears away.  He had somehow managed to find the right words to comfort her.  Between dodging flying tigers and and navigating possible hysteria, for a fleeting moment both felt like equal victories.  

    Feeling what he thought might be growing stability in her stance his thoughts shifted towards getting them out.  They were one quick disaperation away from safety.

    When her expression shifted suddenly he misread it as alarm and threw a panicked glance over his shoulder expecting to see a flying menace.  Seeing none, he turned back to her with a furrowed brow.  

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    He didn't remember her, but then, why on earth would he? They had met once and he was such a nice young man Minnie was quite sure rescuing silly girls was probably nothing extraordinary to him. He probably had a wife and children and a home of his own and no memory of having saved her in the part from a much less concerning adversary than tigers. Namely her own terrible sense of direction.

    “Yes don’t you-”

    ”Minnie, there you are!”

    And before Minnie could even to try to make the young man remember who she was she felt her father’s arms around her shoulders, pulling her close and, with a crack, they were gone.
    [Image: Minnie_SIG_by_Bee.png]
    light and lovely set by Bee