Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Private Thread 
    January 2, 1888

    Honey knew that her holidays would be different. Moving to a different home and to celebrate it while mourning. But what she had not expected was for Sweetie AND Handsome to not come home. If she had known earlier she might have found a way to drag those to home. She had thought that the loss of their mother would create a more tightly knit bond between the siblings like she had with Knight. Well, she thought wrong. Though she kind off found it funny that no matter how those two hate each other they would always have some similarities.

    The hufflepuff was still worried with the two. If they stayed in school it meant that that they wanted to be alone and sulk, obviously especially with one of them she remembered had gotten drunk last summer- not that Handsome would risk his head boy badge but he might do something else and that something else she didn’t even want to know. And well, Sweetie was sweetie, she was always worried for her.

    One of the perks of being in Hufflepuff was that she was close to the Slytherin dorms and visit her sister. After unpacking,  she headed to the Slytherin dorm and asked one of the students outside to call for her sister.
    @'Acacia Ruskin' - @'Sweetie Whitledge'
    [Image: 3u4dMIm.jpg]Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    Holidays were probably never going to be the same again. Sweetie didn't really celebrate. In all honesty, she spent most of break in the common room, successfully avoiding Mr. H Whitledge for the entire break. Finally, some breathing room. He couldn't drag her out like he could drag her back home. Here, it was different. She did notice that she had a lump of coal in that pouch. Well, to be fair, Sweetie hadn't sent him anything at all. But... her birthday saw no presents from him at all, and thus she was quite upset by that. She was clearly right, he had wished that she was never born.

    Other than avoiding others, her break had been quite. A few letters out to Crystal and Cheesecake. Hearing the news that Half-Breeds were back in school had pleased Sweetie dearly. Perhaps this would bring her mood up. Then again, she still had her brother to deal with. But she couldn't think of that right now. Instead, she watched all of the other girls unpack there things, before going into the main common room to see everyone else.

    Being called to meet someone outside of the common room, she couldn't help but wonder if her brother had finally come to make a proper apology for his behavior. Or perhaps it was Darling and Cupcake, come to try to convince Sweetie to go to Handsome and 'apologize'. That was never going to happen. He didn't deserve her apologies, in her eyes. But no, it was Honey. Her eyes widened in slight surprise. "Honey? How are you? How was your break?" She asked.

    @'Honey Whitledge'
    As much as she wanted to, Honey was aware that forcing Sweetie to do something she did not want to was a big no-no. She wasn't going to drag her brother to apologize to Sweetie when he was correct on scolding her. Their family found some peace when Grandma Whitledge arrived and she did not want another drama. While the probably had no chance of reconciling, seeing as the two disliked each others presence, she hoped that she would get to see them get along again in the future.

    Sweetie was in a better mood than she was before they left. That was a good sign but there was a chance that the slytherin might be faking it. She couldn't tell. "I'm great! It was great. Cheesecake still hoped you were with us when we had dinner with them." The hufflepuff joyfully exclaimed. "You should have joined us! You know how our sisters can be a bore at times and Knight... you know how he is."  
    @'Sweetie Whitledge'
    [Image: 3u4dMIm.jpg]Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    Sweetie didn't see most of it as her fault. The girl had come into their home uninvited, and Sweetie had never really insulted her. In fact, Sweetie had felt that she had been insulted during the whole thing. But what was really bugging her was what Handsome had threatened to take away from her. All of that hard work in school for nothing? Her dreams stolen? And then to top it all off, feeling completely unwanted by her brother at all? Sure, she was moody, she would admit to that. But at least she had remained rational when he had come storming into their aunt and uncle's home, and would not listen to reason.

    Sweetie had seen no improvement in the household with the arrival of their grandmother. What improvement was to be had? Their distant mother was dead and gone, relationships felt shattered beyond all repair, and for goodness sake, Sweetie had been turned into a child! She didn't know their grandmother, at least not well. Of course she felt no reason to open up to the woman.

    No, Sweetie was not in a better mood. But of course, she was no longer mad at Honey. So it was clear that there was no reason to be rude to her, as well as the fact that Honey seemed to always end up as Sweetie's favorite, no matter what happened in the family, even between just the two of them. "Cheesecake will live. Besides, if I had come, I am guessing that my mood would have just brought down the celebration, even just a little. You and Cupcake, and Darling and Knight... and even Grandmother, none of you deserve that. Besides, with any chance of Handsome at all coming with you, even the smallest chance, well... I still am quite upset, and that would not have ended well. At least in the Slytherin common room, I can have peace." She stated.

    Of course Sweetie still felt wronged. It didn't help matters that her own brother didn't even bother getting her a birthday gift. This fact only brought more upset to her, and it honestly hurt all the more. Perhaps if he had tried sending one, she would have been less upset with him, but the fact that he hadn't only made it clear in her mind that he didn't want her in his life, and made the feeling come into light once more that she felt that she didn't want him in hers either. Not that she would burden Honey with the thought. Never mind the stupid coal that she had found a lump of coal with her gift from him for what was supposed to be a festive holiday.

    On that thought, she felt that she should bring up something more fun. "Did you like the yellow dress I sent? I know it's not as personal as the painting of your rabbit, but I thought you may like it. After all, yellow for Hufflepuff?" She said softly. Though she still didn't like that Honey was not in Slytherin with her, she was trying to come to terms with this new concept of Honey being a Hufflepuff. At the very least, she was trying to be accepting of it, and did try to show that.