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Headley, Amery - Amery Headley - 02-20-2018

Full Name: Amery Briar Headley
Birthdate:March 26, 1857
Current Age:30
Occupation:Head of Werewolf Capture Unit
Hogwarts House:Gryffindor Alumnae
Wand: cherry, 12", bendy, unicorn hair
Blood Status:Halfblood
Social Class:Upper
Family:Father: Briar Headley (Deceased)
Mother: Mariah Headley
Sister: Rose Headley
Appearance:Height: 5’8”
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Athletic
Wand Hand: Right
Clothing: Very professional. He always looks his best, even when in his own home.

History:Born: March 26, 1857
Amery is the oldest child and only son of the Headley family. As such he was raised to be the most proper and refined gentleman that he could be. He hardly ever played as a child and sometimes wished that he was born poor so that he could enjoy the better things in life. His little sister was born a few years after him and he took to being a big brother very well. He enjoyed reading to her as well as teaching her to dance.
Attended Hogwarts: September 1, 1868 (Sorted into Gryffindor)
In school Amery was a hard worker but most of his time was focused on Quidditch than actual classes. With his position as a beater (1869-1873) he was able to let out some of that inner childhood that he felt he missed out on in some way.
Graduated: May 1875
Amery graduated with average grades but because of the fact that he was the heir to the family's fortune he wouldn't have to worry necessarily about job placement. Still, he had a desire to do his best no matter what his father had prepared for him.
Became training to be a Hitwizard: June 1877
Ended training: June 1879
During his time as a Hitwizard Amery was a tough worker who took big pride in his work. All he'd ever wanted to do was help people.
Accident at work: July 1884
During a routine day Amery was in the middle of an attack. A blasting spell hit a wall behind him, causing the rubble to collapse on top of him. That was when he finally realized that his family was right and that his job was too dangerous. He wasn't quite ready for the quiet life and decided to just switch positions. He somehow convinced his family that it wasn't as dangerous as being a Hitwizard, and changed over to the Werewolf Capture Unit after he himself had a run in with a werewolf during one of his shifts (he wasn't hurt) and actually enjoyed it.
Began working in the Werewolf Capture Unit: August 1884
Became the head of Werewolf Capture Unit: April 1887
Father passed: September 1887
His father's passing was tough on the family but it also meant that Amery needed to step up in both society and his family. He knew that he had to find someone to marry so that he could carry on the Headley name. He is currently searching for the perfect wife and helping his sister find a man who would represent the family well.

Personality:Serious, caring, and very adventurous. He is a good friend to have in your corner, who will do all that he can for those he cares about. For years he cared more about work than getting married but when his father died he knew that he needed to step up and find someone.

Sample Roleplay Post: The day sucked, practice sucked, but knowing that he would be seeing Aleks later did not suck. Aleks was the one person in Sean’s life that meant anything to him in a good way. Sure he had his rivals, and his father was always pushing him.. but Aleks pushed him without making him feel overly overwhelmed. He was fantastic!

Sean realized that he had a crush on Aleks the first time he wrote Sean’s name. It was probably stupid, but the way that the letters flowed completely out of order only managed to make him smile. What a weird thing to be fond of, right? Still, the affection grew and grew and soon no one else was catching his gaze.

When Sean reached the classroom that he was meeting Aleks at he decided to peak in to see how things were going. He watched him throw the pencil across the room, which was worrying. As soon as it looked like he had settled again, and Sean came up with a plan, he opened the door to pretend that he hadn’t just seen what had just happened. ”Lame, as always. Let’s go outside” he told him simply, hatching up a plan with a smile. A smile usually reserved for him.

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Headley, Amery - Aldous Crouch - 02-22-2018

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