Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    You have found our archive! Charming lives on here!
    02.05 One last puzzle before we depart!
    02.01 AC? What AC?
    01.26 Impending URL changes!
    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
    12.31 Enter the Winter Labyrinth if you dare!
    12.23 Professional Quidditch things...
    12.21 New stamp!
    12.20 Concerning immortality
    12.16 A heads up that the Secret Swap deadline is fast approaching!
    12.14 Introducing our new Minister of Magic!
    12.13 On the first day of Charming, Kayte gave to me...
    12.11 Some quick reminders!
    12.08 Another peek at what's to come...
    Issue #15 - Edward Mohr: Quidditch Captain Extraordinaire!
    [Image: 2czv9jd.png]
    Soaking your shoes in the potion is said to make them more comfortable. Potion For Sore Feet
    I am sure you have all experienced the struggle that is sore feet after a particularly exciting ball. No matter how comfortable your shoes are, you cannot get away with a long evening of dances. But worry not! We at Witch Weekly have a solution! The following potion will swiftly remove your pain, and it is incredibly easy to brew!

    You will need:
      Rose oil
      A dash of onyx dust
      A glass of white wine

    Add two spoonfuls of rose oil and three spoonfuls of honey in a bowl and mix them. Add the mixture to a cauldron and let it brew for three minutes. Stir three times, clockwise. Add a dash of onyx dust. Stir nine times, anti-clockwise. Let it brew for five minutes. Pour the glass of wine. Stir eight times, clockwise. Let it brew for twenty minutes. Once it gains a light yellow colour, it’s done!
    What Type of Mother Are you?
    I think that it is safe to assume that there’s different types of mothers. The following quiz will let you know in which category you fit!

    Do you control what books your daughter reads?
    a. Absolutely! I wouldn’t let her read something scandalous!
    b. I generally trust my daughter to read proper books but I would still keep her from reading something bad if it came to my notice.
    c. Of course not! That’s silly!
    d. No! I also get book recommendations from her!

    You learn that your daughter kissed a man! What do you do?
    a. I give her a good slap and not permit her out of the room!
    b. I am disappointed and I tell her about the dangers that she could have led herself to, but as long as she promises that she won’t do it again
    c. Nothing! A kiss is just a kiss.
    d. I ask her how it was like. So exciting!

    Your daughter wants to wear a low cleavage ballgown at a ball. What do you do?
    a. I’d never let her out of the house dressed like some harlot! I tell her to wear something more sensible unless she wants to spend the evening at home.
    b. I suggest she wears something else that she still likes.
    c. It’s her life, she can dress however she wants!
    d. I find a similar dress for myself! We would look so adorable dressed similarly!
    Your daughter wants to play Quidditch. What do you do?
    a. I absolutely do not permit her!
    b. I’m not too thrilled about it but if it makes her happy, she can play as a seeker, at least!
    c. Should I do anything?
    d. I’d be thrilled! She’d become famous!

    What is your Hogwarts house?
    a. Ravenclaw.
    b. Hufflepuff.
    c. Gryffindor.
    d. Slytherin.

    If you had the most As…
    You’re the Stern Mother. You follow the rules of the etiquette, but sometimes, your strict personality makes your daughter not trust you. I would suggest toning it down a bit, as there is a saying that says that strict parents make the best liars!

    If you had the most Bs…
    You’re the Understanding Mother. Your children are not afraid to trust you. While that is a good thing, you should make sure you do not become a pushover.

    If you had the most Cs…
    You’re the Neglectful Mother. While I’m sure that you love your children dearly, you sure do not show it!

    If you had the most Ds…
    You’re the Best Friend Mother. You want to be your children's best friend. While it is important to have a good relationship with your children, you should remember that they’re still your children and thus, not your equals.
    Unfortunately, Mr. Mohr is married. Edward Mohr: Quidditch Captain Extraordinaire!
    Presently ranked second in the league - though that could change at any time; they haven't played a match this month! - the Appleby Arrows are led by their very handsome captain and first-string keeper, Mr. Edward Thomas Mohr.

    Mr. Edward Mohr has played for the Arrows since 1877.

    Mr. Mohr has led the Arrows to several highly-ranked seasons, and some Quidditch correspondents think that they may well be at the very top of the league at the end of this season, even though he was tragically injured in a match earlier this year! (Mr. Mohr has since made a full recovery.) That injury led to the controversial stooging decision, and the Arrows have been doing just fine both before and after stooging was banned.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Mohr is married. His wife, Mrs. Threnody Mohr - who is purportedly very beautiful, but does not attend social events particularly often! Mr. Mohr has two sons and one daughter with his wife, and we are sure that he is as excellent a father as he is a Quidditch player!

    Mr. Mohr served as second-string keeper for Britain during the Quidditch World Cup, further proving his accomplishments. Even Quidditch fans who do not usually support the Appleby Arrows think that he is spectacular; we especially think that his eyes are impressive, and it is surely a shame that photography cannot display their color!

    We here at Witch Weekly wish Mr. Mohr luck with this Quidditch season.

    @Edward Mohr
    It is a mother’s duty to dissuade an unequal match as far as possible, for the sake of all parties. Harmony Aidsworth does advice!
    As past issues have mentioned, the rise of Gold Diggers has been a rather alarming trend as of late. We at Witch Weekly have received no fewer than eight letters from mothers or sisters whose sons or brothers are in danger of falling prey themselves. Of course, we cannot respond to them all, so have had Harmony Aidsworth come up with this advice for those poor souls who find themselves in this situation.

    An unequal marriage is best avoided.

    There is nothing worse for a mother or sister to know that they will shortly have no choice but to welcome unequal in-laws, being the gracious ladies they are. It is a feminine duty to discourage these matches where they can, lest it damages the chances for the rest of the family and they have to put up with a family member they cannot respect. Some interclass marriages may present the lady with little necessary adjustment and are more tolerable, however large jumps in status are often injurious to all parties involved.

    An appeal to logic is normally successful. Not only do ladies of lesser rank not have the practical skills needed by ladies of the highest echelons- middle class ladies are taught to balance household books and keep house, whereas upper class ladies are brought up with the skills to manage much larger households and to know the hostesses’ duties, both entirely different- but conversationally the relationship may end in difficulty. Remind the man that the subjects he normally discusses with his well-bred sisters or cousins- art, theatre, foreign politics, even societal goings on!- are not taught to other women of lesser breeding. She will not know what is expected of her, can bring embarrassment on him from her ways being less up to par of her new peers, and may even lead to his own chances in life suffering. Such a situation can only bring unhappiness on both sides if the lady does not take quickly to the drastically different expectations of her new situation in life.

    If that does not work, more serious tactics may be employed. Enlightening the girl to the distress she will cause you, the man and herself will work unless she is ignorant of the plight of others and hardened in her resolve, in which case your other actions shall be totally justified. Make it publicly known your disapproval of the arrangement, so other people will add peer pressure to your cause and offer you the support you need and talk to the girl’s family (though if she is hardened to the match it is unlikely her family will be honourable enough to dissuade it). If all else fails, looking to disinherit the man may be the best option, either as a call to his senses or to ensure he shall know all his subsequent unhappiness is his own doing.
    [Image: 2uek9cw.png]

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