Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Madailéin M. MacFusty {FINISHED}
    In Character
    Full Name: Madailéin Máirín MacFusty (née O’Malley)
    Nicknames: Mada, Lein, Léna (main)
    Birthdate: 24th December 1842
    Current Age: 42
    Occupation: MacFusty Family Healer
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: The Hebrides
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna
    Wand: Ash, 13”, Hippogriff Feather, Reasonably Supple
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Upper (formerly Middle; married up)
    Conall MacFusty, Husband (b. 1833)
    Mathilda “Tilda” MacFusty, Daughter (b. 1868)
    Aibhlinn “Ava” Caitriona MacFusty, Daughter (b. 1885)

    Cainneach O’Malley, Father (b. 1813)
    Doireann O’Malley (née Donaghue), Mother (b. 1820)
    Alastriona ------ (née O’Malley), Sister (b. 1844)
    ---- + (English) Husband & six children
    Finnagán O’Malley, Brother (b. 1846)
    ---- + Wife & three sons
    Toiréasa ------ (née O’Malley), Sister (b. 1848)
    ---- + (deceased) Husband & one son
    Pádraigin ------ (née O’Malley), Sister (b. 1851)
    ---- + (Irish) Husband & two children
    Mághnus O’Malley, Brother (b. 1854); Single

    Connor MacFusty, Father-in-law (1801-1855)
    Abigail MacFusty (née Ainslie), Mother-in-law (b. 1805)
    Rodina Urquart (née MacFusty), Sister-in-law (1825-1852)
    ---- Uisdean Urquart, Brother-in-law (b. 1818)
    ---- Urien Urquart, Nephew (b. 1848)
    ---- Rodina Urquart, Niece (b. 1852)
    Effie Quirke (née MacFusty), Sister-in-law (b. 1828)
    ---- Cadogan Quirke, Brother-in-law (b. 1821)
    ---- Bidelia Quirke, Niece (b. 1848)
    ---- Manus Quirke, Nephew (b. 1851)
    ------ + September Quirke (née Davis), Niece-in-law (b. 1858)
    Donald MacFusty, Brother-in-law (b. 1830)
    ---- Griselda MacFusty (née Cockburn), Sister-in-law (b. 1830)
    ---- Kentigern “Tiger” MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1850)
    ------ + Birgit “Birdie” MacFusty (née Cavanaugh), Niece-in-law (1856-1884)
    ------ + Kennard MacFusty, Grandnephew (b. 1875)
    ------ + Ilysa MacFusty, Grandniece (b. 1877)
    ------ + Lir MacFusty, Grandnephew (b. 1878)
    ------ + Cliona MacFusty, Grandniece (b. 1880)
    ------ + Donald MacFusty, Grandnephew (b. 1883)
    ------ + Davina MacFusty, Grandniece (1884-1884); twin to Iseabail
    ------ + Iseabail MacFusty, Grandniece (1884-1884); twin to Davina
    ---- Torquil “Tor” MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1852); twin to Tavish
    ------ + Cecily MacFusty (née Fleming), Former niece-in-law (b. 1859); divorced 1885
    ------ + Connor MacFusty, Grandnephew (b. 1883)
    ------ + Iona MacFusty, Grandniece (b. 1884)
    ---- Tavish “Tav” MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1852); twin to Torquil
    ------ + Ethelyn MacFusty (née Vaisey), (late) Niece-in-law (1857-1883)
    ------ + Katherine “Kitten” MacFusty, Grandniece (b. 1877)
    ------ + Rorie MacFusty, Grandnephew (1883-1883)
    ---- Hamish “Hammy” MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1853)
    ------ + Violet MacFusty (née Ollivander), Niece-in-law (b. 1860)
    ------ + Poppy MacFusty, Grandniece (b. 1885)
    ---- James "Jamie" MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1854)
    ---- Roderick "Roddy" MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1855)
    ---- Ninian "Ian" MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1856)
    ---- Malcolm "Mac" MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1857)
    ------+Imogen MacFusty (née Van Helsing), Niece-in-law (b. 1860)
    ------ + Isobel MacFusty, Grandniece (b. 1882)
    ------ + Findlay MacFusty, Grandnephew (b. 1885); twin to Finella
    ------ + Finella MacFusty, Grandniece (b. 1885); twin to Findlay
    ---- Gilroy "Roy" MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1860)
    ---- Angus "Gus" MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1861)
    ---- Mungo "Dunny" MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1864)
    ---- Malvina "Vina" MacFusty, Niece (b. 1865)
    ------ + Cineád MacFusty, Grandnephew (b. 1883); twin to Conall
    ------ + Conall MacFusty, Grandnephew (b. 1883); twin to Cineád
    ------ + Eilidh MacFusty, Grandniece (b. 1884)
    Caitriona Kennelworth (née MacFusty), Sister-in-law (b. 1833)
    ---- Idris Kennelworth, Brother-in-law (b. 1821)
    ---- ______ Kennelworth, Nephew (b. 18xx)
    ---- Delphina MacFusty (née Kennelworth), Niece (b. 1858)
    ------ + Liam MacFusty, Nephew-in-law (b. 1851)
    Mungo MacFusty, Brother-in-law (b. 1836)
    ---- Davina MacFusty (née Kerr), Sister-in-law (b. 1844)
    ---- Una Grimaldi (née MacFusty), Niece (b. 1864)
    ------ + Gideon Grimaldi, Nephew-in-law (b. 1862)
    ------ + Rosabella Grimaldi, Grandniece (b. 1883)
    ------ + Marzia Grimaldi, Grandniece (b. 1884)
    ---- Sorcha MacFusty, Niece (b. 1867)
    ---- Mundungus MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1870)
    ---- Niven MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1872)
    ---- Peigi MacFusty, Niece (b. 1874)
    ---- Pádraig MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1877)
    ---- Rory MacFusty, Nephew (b. 1879)
    Sorcha Ifan (née MacFusty), Sister-in-law (b. 1838)
    ---- Aled Ifan, Brother-in-law (b. before 1838)
    ---- Angharad Ifan, Niece (b. 1859)
    ---- Alis Ifan, Niece (b. before 1864)
    Fiona MacFusty, Sister-in-law (b. 1840)

    Standing at a height of 5'5", a slightly above average height for a woman in this era, Lena is in possession of a lean and slender figure with ample-sized breasts and a small waist and hips, weighing around 130lbs. Her hair, which seems to always straggle the line between deep chestnut brown and auburn (it really depends on the lighting) and is naturally straight with a subtle wave in it, falls just a bit below her shoulders, though does not quite reach the middle of her back. How she styles her hair usually depends on the occasion and whom she's with at the time, though most days she simply wears it in a simple bun. Her skin is fair in color, though she tends to darken in the summer. Her eyes, however, are considered to be, along with her sharp facial characteristics, her most attractive feature, being a clear blue in color mixed with a light gray. In terms of style, Lena seems to alternate between the latest fashions of the era and wizards robes, preferring simple designs and neutral colors to anything too opulent. Lastly, she wields a wand and writes with her right hand.
    WINTER OF 1842 | On a frigid winter evening in mid-December of 1842, Madailéin Máirín is born as the first child to Irishman Cainneach O'Malley and his young wife, Doireann. As far as births went, it had been a fairly easy one (if not surprisingly quick!), and both new parents were quite happy with the new addition to their small family. (Though Cainneach had been somewhat disappointed that his first child had not turned out to be a boy, but he had gotten over it fairly quickly.)

    YEARS 1842 - 1845 While she had not been born into privileged family or lived in the lap of luxury, the O'Malley's lived quite comfortably in their humble little house in Southern Ireland and were considered quite respectable in the village they resided in. Cainneach O'Malley, the current family patriarch, was a Magizoologist who often left home on research trips and wrote novels on said research, leaving his wife -- a woman who had originally been a Healer before becoming a housewife and writing books on household care and Healing in her spare time -- to manage the home front in his absence. Both were firm believers in that it takes hard work and dedication to lead a successful and happy life and were slightly progressive when it came to the raising of their daughters, encouraging them to learn skills needed to acquire a respectable occupation (of their choosing) for their sex.

    Despite all this, Lena grew up in a rather normal environment. There was nothing remarkable about the little town she lived in or the people she grew up around. Due to her father's occupation, the O'Malley's lived near the water, and once she could walk, would spend a good deal of time outside along with her mother and younger sister (born a mere two years after she was), Alastriona. It is during these outings that Lena becomes interested in nature, something that both of her parents were quick to encourage, and thus begins her imaginings of becoming a Healer like her mother or a specialist in magical creatures like her father.

    YEAR OF 1846 - 1851 Six months after the birth of her younger brother, Finnagán, her father returns home from Britain announcing that he had been offered a job position as an Animal Curator at an aquarium in Brighton, England, and thus the family had been uprooted across seas. Léna, who had been four at the time, had not been too happy about this move, and had thrown a loud tantrum about it (which had genuinely surprised her parents because their eldest had always been fairly mild-tempered), but in the end had no choice but to leave. Fortunately, though it had taken a while, she eventually came to like her new home, especially since it meant that her father was around more often.

    In 1847, when Léna was five and the O'Malley's had lived in Brighton for a year, Doireann had decided that she would be the one to undertake her children's education rather than hiring an instructor to come and teach them. As such, Léna would learn from her mother both academic and feminine pusuits. The academics being English (reading and writing also fall into this category), Geography, and Arithmetic and the more feminine pursuits being cooking, cleaning, embroidery, and a bit of drawing and music (though Mrs. O'Malley focused less on those in favor of the others). Léna had also been encouraged to form her own interests and study them, hence why when she couldn't be found outside, she could be found in her father's study curled up in chair with one of his books.

    A year after the fourth O'Malley child, Toiréasa, was born in 1848, Léna exhibits her first act of magic by accidentally turning the bedroom she shared with Alastriona into an illusion of a spring garden. A bed of vibrant green grass had sprouted where the wooden floorboards had been, bringing along with them miniature-sized trees and flowers and bushes of all shapes, colors, and sizes. There had also been animals and insects -- butterflies, squirrels, ladybugs, rabbits, and the list had gone on. It had startled Léna greatly, who had simply been staring out of her window into a cold and dreary day when it had happened, though luckily it had only been an illusion and not an actual garden, and had soon disappeared after a few hours.

    Léna is eight when, on a hot summer day in 1850, her kind nature and hidden bravery come to the surface. Léna had been outside playing with her siblings when she heard a shrill sound of a bird from way up in a tree. It wasn't just any kind of shrill sound, though -- it had been very high-pitched sound, as if the poor thing was in a great amount of pain, and it tugged at her heartstrings. At first, she had ignored it, simply continuing to frolic about the yard with her sister as she had been doing, but soon it had become too difficult to let it slide, and much to the astonishment of Alastriona, had dropped everything and proceeded to start climbing the tree. It had been a very difficult trek upwards, having been in a dress with shoes that were not made for tree climbing, and she couldn't look down for fear of falling, but she did manage to scoop up the poor injured bird and bring it to her mother for healing. Most parents would have probably scolded her for being so reckless and "unladylike", and she did get a lecture on doing something unsupervised, but as a reward for her bravery, they bought her a domesticated bird -- a wren by the looks of it -- to keep as a pet.

    In 1851, Léna's youngest sister, Pádraigin, is born. While she had always been fairly maternal towards her younger siblings, feeling responsible for them and wanting to set a good example, she seemed to be rather more so with her final two siblings. Perhaps it was because of the age difference or maybe it was because with so many children she was worried that they would be left out, but she always ensured that they were well-cared for and never in want of playmates or someone to talk to. Thus further proving that she would make a wonderful mother/caretaker one day.

    SUMMER & AUTUMN OF 1854 | Léna receives her long-anticipated Hogwarts letter on the morning of July 31st, 1854. Which sparks much envy around the breakfast table, but Léna barely even noticed it as she held the letter in her hand, eyes sparkling with excitement and her thin lips spread into a beaming smile. It didn't take much persuasion on her behalf to convince her father to take her into Diagon Alley for her school supplies, and that next week saw her return home with packages of books, new black school robes, a cauldron, a snowy owl, and many other things, but the most important item of all was the wand. Sleek and polished, this Ashwood wand was 13" with a Gryffin Feather core and was considered to be reasonably supple. Each of her siblings had wanted a turn with it, which she had allowed them to have, but a row in which they argued about who would go next caused Mrs. O'Malley to put it up somewhere that nobody -- not even Léna -- could guess.

    A month later, after a fairly tearful goodbye between her and her family, Léna is taken to King's Cross where she had boarded the train that would take her to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Scotland. Once there, she had joined the other students of her year to participate in the Sorting Ceremony, being greatly surprised when the Sorting Hat had declared her a Gryffindor rather than Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw like she had been expected. But it was no matter. She was sure that she would have enjoyed her Hogwarts years even she had been sorted into Slytherin.

    SEPTEMBER 1854 - MAY 1855 | Léna's first year was all about becoming familiar with her surroundings, making friends with those around her, and establishing herself as a fairly good student. Where academics is concerned, she found that she did excelled in wand-based classes such as Charms, Transfiguration, and Defense Against the Dark Arts, though she did fairly well in Potions and Herbology. too. Unlike some of her fellow students, she finds her classes surprisingly easy, and had made very good marks on her end-of-course examinations, much to the satisfaction of her education-driven parents.

    SEPTEMBER 1855 - MAY 1856 | Léna returns for her second year of schooling, though this time she doesn't come alone. Her younger sister, Alastriona, had started her first year at Hogwarts and had also been sorted into Gryffindor; Léna couldn't be more pleased. Much like the end of her first year, she passes her exams with good marks, and chooses Care of Magical Creatures and Earth Magic as her electives.

    SEPTEMBER 1856 - MAY 1857 | Léna's third year begins on an interesting note as she starts attending her new electives. Having always had a fascination with nature and its living creatures, Léna had chosen Care of Magical Creatures and Earth Magic with those interests in mind. As she had predicted, she had enjoyed them very much, and the lessons had, more often than not, only fueled her desire to work in Healing or Magizoology after graduation rather than lessened it.

    SEPTEMBER 1857 - MAY 1858 | Léna's fourth year is when she truly decides that she wants to become a Healer, a decision that was made not only by her instructors teaching material catered towards Healing that year, but also when one of the younger students in her Care of Magical Creatures class had gotten a blow in the head by a winged horse and had been knocked unconscious.

    Léna had been one of the first students in her class to react (despite knowing that this was the boy's doing and feeling so, so terrible for the horse whose fate was surely to be unpleasant), quickly performing the medical emergency procedure that her medically-trained mother had taught her from a young age -- searching the boy's body for any obvious signs of injuries (his head, especially), checking his pulse, making sure that he was still breathing, etc. -- before helping get him to the Hospital Wing where he could be properly treated. Much to her relief, though she was still highly bitter that his stupidity had almost caused an innocent animal to be tortured and exiled, the boy had survived with only a concussion. She begins to assist the school's current nurse in the Hospital Wing on days that she had nothing important or interesting to tend to.

    SEPTEMBER 1858 - MAY 1859 | Over the summer, Léna learns that she had been made female Prefect for her house, and she returns to Hogwarts for her fifth with a shiny badge pinned on her robes that she had worn proudly. This is also the year when she had taken her O.W.Ls, and she managed to pass all of her classes with the following scores:

    CHARMS - O
    DADA - O

    SEPTEMBER 1859 - MAY 1860 | After spending the summer interning at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries in London -- in the Creatures-Induced Injuries ward, in particular -- Léna returns for her sixth year of schooling with a solid plan mapped out in her head. Upon graduation and making her debut (which she honestly didn't think would benefit her at all since she had no plans of marrying for the foreseeable future), she would acquire a full internship at St. Mungo's, moving in with a cousin and her husband who had recently moved to London that very year, and then by mid-1862, she would become a full-fledged Healer. She had such confidence in this plan that when the time came to speak to her Head of House about her career goals, the visit had taken all but ten minutes, and she had left the office with her head held high.

    She continued at N.E.W.T level with Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, Earth Magic, and Care of Magical Creatures.

    SEPTEMBER 1860 - MAY 1861 | Léna is overjoyed when, over the summer, she had been proclaimed Head Girl for the 1860-1861 school year. All thoughts of simply skipping the Coming Out Ball and immediately moving to London had vanished; it was her duty to lead the ladies down the stairs to impending adulthood, and she was determined to do it well. Her N.E.W.T scores are as follows:

    CHARMS - O
    DADA - O

    YEARS 1861 - 1867 | As planned, Léna had moved to London to live with her married cousin while she trained to become a Creatures-Induced Injuries Healer at St. Mungo's. Besides having to heed the few rules her (much) older cousin had set for her, living in London had offered her the most freedom and quiet she had ever had, and she had savored it. As much as she loved her family, it was nice not having to deal with the hassle and consequences of living in a full household. With the exception of Sundays, her days mainly consisted of work, dinner with her cousin, a little reading/embroidery/whatever else in her spare time before retiring to bed.

    By 1862, almost a full year after she had graduated from Hogwarts, Léna is finally promoted to a full-fledged Healer, much to her and her mother's great satisfaction. Nothing about her situation had changed much besides perhaps having to deal with more patients and working a bit harder than she had been previously, or at least everything had been progressing as normal until, two years later in 1864, a man had walked into St. Mungo's with third-degree burns, two broken ribs, and a broken leg. And, of course, as fate would have it, Léna had been chosen to treat him.

    The man's name was all she needed to know to figure out what must have happened to cause him to sustain such painful injuries. The MacFustys were known for their work with Hebridean dragons -- a breed she remembered as being rather hostile and aggressive -- and so it didn't take her long to come to the conclusion that a dragon-related incident was what had brought him to the medical establishment. As such, she had gone into the room bearing all of her usual mixture of professionalism and warm friendliness, wanting to make him as comfortable as possible while she tended to his injuries because she was positive that he was in a good deal of pain. Though the man -- a Mr. Conall MacFusty, according to her file -- was nothing if not a trooper, and all through the the time that Léna had been patching him up, he was in a good humor, cracking jokes and talking with her as if he had not been nearly been slaughtered by a dragon only two hours prior.

    Due to the severity of his injuries, Mr. MacFusty had to be kept in the hospital few days, and despite herself, Léna could not help but look forward to each visit that would require her to check up on him. He was an amusing man. He made her laugh. And after enduring all the stress that was involved in working within a medical field, he was a good person to come and talk to when she needed to relax, thus allowing her to learn more about him.

    Perhaps it was merely because he was extremely unlucky when it came to the handling of his dragons or maybe it was because he wanted an excuse to see her, but Conall had always managed to frequently land himself in St. Mungo's, and specifically asked for Léna to come and patch him up. At first, it had been baffling to Léna, who had never before had a man (that she knew of) who was interested in her, but then she caught on. He actually liked her, not in the way that a friend would enjoy the company of another friend, but as a potential love interest, and she honestly didn't know whether to be flattered by his attentions or annoyed that he was being so blatant about it (perhaps a mixture of both). But what she did know was that she greatly enjoyed his company, and little by little she found herself increasingly taken with him.

    Towards the end of 1864, Léna and Conall began a steady stream of correspondence. After his tenth checkup in which she had once again treated his injuries -- this time a broken arm -- Léna had finally told him, if he liked her as much as she thought he did, then he would stop injuring himself on her behalf, and instead had proposed letter-writing as a form of communication. Numerous amounts of letters were exchanged from London to Scotland and back, words of friendship turning into words of fondness and warmth, so much so that, when Léna had returned to Brighton to spend the Holidays with her parents, she had invited to Conall to dinner to meet her family -- her father, in particular.

    Léna had spent the evening of the proposed dinner party in a bundle of nerves. Not so much that she was afraid that her father would dislike Conall (because she had been quite confident that the two would hit it right off; she'd been correct) but because during their many letters of correspondence, Conall had asked to marry her. She hadn't exactly said 'no' per se, but neither had she accepted him either, instead telling him that she would think about it on the condition that he gained her father's permission first. Which was exactly what happened, and a full meal and several glasses of whiskey later, her father had been persuadable enough (i.e. drunk enough to not even register that a man he had only met that evening was asking for his eldest daughter's hand in marriage) to give them his (rather boisterous) blessing.

    After a whirlwind of wedding preparations and attempting to meet each other's families in such a short amount of time (which hadn't been easy seeing as she still had a commitment to St. Mungo's), Léna and Conall were married in a big and somewhat lavish, thanks to her sisters' interference, ceremony in 1865. In all honesty, Léna would have been perfectly content with a small ceremony with only immediate family in attendance (which would have been rather large, anyway, considering how big their respective families were), but word about their engagement had spread like wildfire throughout both families, and so a small ceremony just wasn't feasible.

    YEARS 1866 - 1867 | While there had been some talk about Léna marrying above her station (much like what had happened when her younger sister, Alastriona, had married wealthy Englishman Octavius Blackwood only two years before), the new Mr. and Mrs. MacFusty settled into married life rather well. After a brief honeymoon in which they connected both emotionally and physically (;-D), the newly weds returned to Europe where Léna had to juggle her duties as a wife and a Healer, which admittedly, hadn't been very difficult at all, though there had been a few bumps here and there. Though this experience did help her to understand why her mother had given up her Healing profession after she'd had children -- managing the household, upholding her own occupation, and trying to make a marriage work was difficult enough without the added stress of having children to look after, so some sacrifices had to be made.

    A decision that Léna herself would come to know soon enough when, late in the year of 1867, she discovered that she was pregnant. While they hadn't been actively trying for a child, or at least the idea of children hadn't really been at the forefront of their minds until then, both Léna and Conall had been ecstatic at the knowledge that they were going to be parents, and Léna had spent the long (and sometimes uncomfortable) months of her pregnancy making preparations for their child's arrival. This also included quitting her job as a Healer, which she had put off for as long as possible, very reluctant to give up the one thing she had worked so hard for. Though the act was made more bearable when she was invited to become one of the MacFusty family Healers (and there were a few of them), which she had been quick to accept.

    YEARS 1868 - 18979 | It was on a mildly warm day in late June of 1868 when Léna had given birth to her first and (at the time) only child, a infant girl her and Conall had named Mathilda Rowena. Having always been fairly motherly by nature (and Conall surprisingly fatherly, as well), the arrival of her daughter only made her more so, and she constantly doted on her little girl. She also proved to be a rather hands-on parent, wanting to care for her own child, to teach her the things she'd need to know, and to be present for each important milestone in her daughter's childhood. Needless to say, the nanny they had employed went largely unnoticed, though they still kept the woman around should they ever have need of her, which wasn't very often.

    With the raising of her daughter -- whom was possibly the sweetest little thing she had ever beheld; why, the poor thing had been inconsolable when she had accidentally killed a fly and then insisted on having a funeral for it! -- and her part-time work both as a family Healer and for their surrounding neighbors, the years seemed to pass by in a blur.

    Much like her mother before her, Léna opted to undertake her daughter's education herself rather than hire a governess, and so would spend a better part of six years teaching her daughter Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, and History -- all of the subjects she thought would benefit Tilda rather than hinder her. She also occasionally brought Tilda with her on house calls, and would allow her to help out, thus teaching her a bit of Healing material, as well. It was Conall, however, who would teach their daughter the more physical aspects of her education -- i.e. knife-throwing and how to handle herself should she ever unexpectedly come across a dragon -- which Léna, who had never been brought up around danger, had been a bit weary about at first, but soon came to approve of it. She would much prefer her daughter know how to defend herself in times of trouble rather than have no clue how to protect herself at all.

    Léna became even more appreciative of her daughter's defense lessons when, in 1874, Conall is severely injured by one of his dragons. The whip of the dragon's powerful tail had sent him flying into a tree, fracturing his spinal cord and permanently messing up his back. This causes him to retire from Dragonkeeping completely and become a Dragonologist instead, something that Léna had been secretly pleased about because it meant that her MacFusty was less likely to be killed now that he wasn't around dragons. She didn't much fancy the idea of herself a young widow and her young daughter fatherless before she had even started her first year at Hogwarts.

    In 1877, word gets around that an all-wizarding village had been established near Hogwarts. While highly intrigued by the idea of all wizarding folk living in one town, it was not enough to prompt Léna and her husband to move from their large estate with sprawling grounds to a little town that would soon become overpopulated. And besides, they didn't have to worry so much about being discovered by Muggles as she was sure people in places like London and Brighton did.

    Finally, in 1879, the long-anticipated day had arrived when Tilda would leave home to attend Hogwarts, landing herself in Gryffindor along with many of her other paternal cousins. Léna, who had devoted most of her time to the raising and caring of her daughter when she wasn't Healing, had been quite saddened by her departure, not knowing what to do with herself afterwards. Her and Conall had, for some odd reason, never been able to get pregnant again after Tilda, and so she didn't have any other children to distract her from missing her daughter or fill the void that seem to come with her absence. But fortunately, Conall had suggested that she go back to work for St. Mungo's, and that's what she would devote her extra time to for the next six years.

    Towards the end of summer in 1883, just a month before her daughter -- who had turned in a beautiful young woman, if she did say so herself; "It's the O'Malley genes," she would tell Conall when he remarked on it (which was often) -- would enter her fifth year, the family discovers that Tilda had been elected as Gryffindor female Prefect for her year. An occurrence that had rather shocked the entire family considering that the MacFusty family were notorious for their iffy reputations and reckless behavior (in fact, one of them had even been expelled from Hogwarts), but despite that, everyone had been extremely proud of her. Especially Léna, who had herself been elected Prefect back during her school years, and she was proud to see that she had raised her daughter well enough to for her to rise above all the negativity and scandal that seemed to surround their family.

    A year later, in mid-1884, Léna and Conall are given the biggest shock of their lives when they find out that Léna is, miraculously, pregnant again. After years of trying for a child, and ultimately failing each time, the knowledge that they were expecting again after seventeen years was shocking, but much like they had with their first child, they were very happy and very eager to welcome their new baby into the world. Léna was especially happy because she was finally providing her daughter with a sibling -- albeit a very young one -- which she had always wanted to do and now she could. Later in the year, around December, more excitement befalls the Conall MacFustys when Tilda is selected as one of the champions for the Pan-Magical Games.

    It was on a cloudy day of March 17th, 1885, when Léna gave birth to her second and last (because she highly doubted that they wouldn't be this lucky again) child, another girl that she and Conall would name Aibhlinn Caitriona MacFusty. They had given her the nickname "Ava" for short, and much like she had done after Tilda was born, Léna once again gave up her post at St. Mungo's, opting to reclaim her position as one of the MacFusty's family Healers.

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