Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Darling, I'm a Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream
    Private Thread 
      Although Amelia wasn't one for parties, she was rather looking forward to this one. Mr Winkle had held such grand parties before, and they always proved to be the best and most creative. From what she'd heard of this one, it was held on the Black Lake. Literally. Though this wasn't a large ball, Cornelia had lent Amelia some of her more valuable jewelry to wear – she had also been able to wear her one of her nicer dresses for the evening. Though a tad heavy with it's many layers, Amelia loved the dark blue ribbons woven into the fabric and the lace cuffs just below her elbows. After dabbing a bit of orange blossom water on her wrists and below her chin, Amelia looked in the mirror to make sure there wasn't anything amiss. She sighed. There really wasn't anything amiss with her appearance, but ever since she'd left the Hospital after visiting Mr Skeeter, she hadn't really felt the same. It wasn't a feeling she could put her finger on, or label. She just felt...different.

      This is as good as it's going to get, She thought, before joining her aunt and uncle in the foyer. Penny obviously had to stay home, so Amelia gave her a kiss goodbye and set off to the party. The carriage ride dropped them off at Padmore Park, which seemed to be where everyone was entering from. Once Amelia stepped out of the carriage, her jaw dropped. From what she could see, there were two levels, but it looked like some people were actually going into the water. The many lights made the lake sparkle and actually look rather inviting; a nice change from her winter days at Hogwarts where it was positively frigid.

      She approached the party and was about to step on the bridge, when she glimpsed someone out of the corner of her eye and her stomach dropped. She turned her head towards him, expecting to meet stormy grey eyes. To her relief, it was merely the butcher shop's son. Heaving a great sigh, Amelia continued onwards. Unfortunately this feeling wasn't exactly new, nor was thinking she was seeing Barnabas Skeeter out of the corner of her eye. Gripping her uncle's arm, she followed her aunt and uncle onto the platform.

      The evening proved to be a rather enjoyable one. She loved that everyone was so lively and laughing; it helped her mood considerably. A gentleman even asked her for a dance, and Amelia could only say yes, seeing as it had been a long time since someone asked her. He was a good leader. The only thing was, every time she glanced up at him, she expected to see blonde hair, a strong jawline and cloudy eyes. It made her stomach churn again, and the dancing didn't do anything to help it. Deeming herself rather done with dancing for a while, Amelia curtseyed to her partner and gave a courteous smile before moving to depart from the dance floor.

      And there he was. The knot in her stomach only moved to her chest as she gripped her fan at her side. She almost stumbled, she didn't expect to see him. The pounding in her heart only increased when she saw that her aunt and uncle were at a location just behind him. Meaning she would have to walk past him. With dread in her heart, Amelia hurried past him, purposefully avoiding his eyes, for if she met them she would surely melt into the floor. With such a lively party, there were many bodies, and one just so happened to bump into Amelia's and send her careening to her right. She was caught off guard and quickly attempted to steady herself, but not before grabbing the nearest arm to her in attempts to avoid getting trampled. "Oh dear, I'm so sorry, are you –" The apology died on her lips. Of course she would get tripped, and of course Barnabas Skeeter was the one who Fate had picked to break her fall.

      homg I'm so sorry for the novel o.o
    Amelia has heterochromia – her right eye is a deep amber color and her left is a dark brown.
    [Image: LQaqFJo.jpg]

    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: 4js6tg.jpg][Image: guLh08S.jpg]
    The days that had passed since his leaving the hospital had seemed to both creep and fly by. It was the oddest sensation. Barnabas sat at home all day every day, feeling quite sorry for himself. He had been told that the Ministry would still keep him on, but were going to be switching his department. He'd yet to have news any further on the matter, though was at least allowed a weekly stipend for his heroism in the meantime. Without anything to do or anywhere that he wanted to go, he merely watched the minutes tick by. His housekeeper disapproved of his feeling sorry for himself, but he couldn't help it. He'd lost his leg and was confident any chances that he'd once had with Amelia Evans were gone entirely. There was nothing to be jovial about. Yet it amazed him that it had already been a week since he'd last seen the edge of her gown slip out of his hospital room - and life - forever.

    The healer and the woman who had fitted him with his prosthetic said that he needed to practice with it before he went out in public. He'd illogically refused. He suspected that his mother and housekeeper were in cahoots on the matter - between the two of them "bullying" him, he was convinced to do so for several hours a day. It had been difficult at first, but he was gradually getting the hang of it. In a month or so, he was told he may not even need the cane for assistance. It wasn't nearly as an exciting prospect as they expected. What did it matter in the grand scheme of things, after all? Everyone knew that he'd lost his leg. What good was trying to hide it?

    He'd not been planning on attending the party, despite the promise it held of a good time. His friends had barged into his home let in by the mutinous housekeeper who hadn't even been working at the time. He really ought to take her key away if she was going to abuse her privileges. They'd forced him to dress in one of his best black robes - neatly tailored of course - and magicked the rat's nest out of his blonde hair. To say that he was dragged to the festivities would have been a quite literal description of it. Once they arrived, one went off to find some liquor and the other ran off to chase a young debutante, leaving him quite alone.

    He hadn't known she'd be there. If he had, he most certainly wouldn't have come. Not that he'd had a choice in the matter. His first sight of her was merely an accidental glimpse through the throng of people. All done up and so beautiful that he forgot to breathe for a moment. And then she was gone, and he half suspected that he'd imagined it. If it weren't for the nausea that had sunk into his gullet he would have believed her to be an apparition. Not long after, he caught sight of her on the dance floor in the arms of another man. This upset him more than he expected it would. Quite convinced that she had found someone else - someone with working legs who could dance with her no less (though if he were being honest, less handsome) - he turned on his good heal and tried to push through the lively crowd with his cane. His attention was so fixed on maneuvering that he hadn't realized that she'd also seen him.

    The tug on his arm came unexpectedly. He'd wobbled slightly, though managed to right himself as he simultaneously turned to face the person responsible. It was of course, none other than Amelia Evans. His face blanched. "No no, I'm fine," He said quickly, looking everywhere else but her face. He was unable to stand being so close to the woman who had rejected him so heartlessly. He tried to control his voice and form it into something impersonal and cool, but merely managed a wobbled- "Are you alright?" - aimed at the back of the stranger in front of them.
    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.

    [Image: AWqs15D.gif][Image: kZuCust.jpg]
      How long had it been since she's actually seen him? Ages ago, yet just yesterday, it seemed like. Amelia's heart was in her throat as she nodded, glad she hadn't thrown him off balance. "Yes, I'm fine," she managed to get out. She released his arm from her hand when she realized she was still holding onto it.

      He wasn't looking at her. Why would he want to? She'd run out of that hospital room like a scared child, just after having asked why he'd been so curious if she'd had any admirers. Still, it left an ache in her stomach, that hadn't quite vanished since that day. She briefly considered thanking him and bidding him good day. In fact, she opened her mouth to do so, but the words died in her throat. The way he made her feel, just by his mere presence, was a feeling that terrified her. It was new. It was uncomfortable. And, since she'd left the hospital, it was painful. Amelia could feel her cheeks reddening as she noted he looked rather handsome in his robes. He was freshly shaven and smelled faintly of soap and something else she couldn't put her finger on.

      And this was the same man whom she'd sworn she wouldn't have feelings for in her entire life.

      Merlin help her.

      Feeling quite helpless, she tried to make conversation. "How - how are you feeling, Mr Skeeter?" she asked, voice raised slightly so she could be heard over the music.
    Amelia has heterochromia – her right eye is a deep amber color and her left is a dark brown.
    [Image: LQaqFJo.jpg]

    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: 4js6tg.jpg][Image: guLh08S.jpg]
    He hadn't realized that she'd clung to his arm a bit longer than was necessary until she'd removed her hand. He could feel the warmth of her linger on his sleeve for a moment. He knew that the faintly sweet orange blossom sent that belonged to her would cling to the fabric just enough to torture him later. The vision of her with her hair done up and dressed wonderfully in a gown paired with her beautifully mismatched eyes would haunt him forever. She would be the one that got away - and not just got away, but had rather cruelly rejected his attentions. He didn't think he would ever be able to forget about her.

    He had found himself hoping that she would leave, despite the awkwardness. Yet for some reason, she'd persisted and attempted to strike up a conversation. Was she toying with him then? Or did she truly not know what she'd done? He wouldn't have placed her as someone to beat a dead horse. She had seemed so sweet. Then again, she'd set him on fire back in their Hogwarts days. She was clearly capable of vengeance. Perhaps that was what this was. She was going to rub her happiness with Mr. Two-Legs to re-open the wound.

    "I seem to be mobile, at least," He responded, unable to resist a glance at her. The hurt would have been evident in his eyes, if she looked close enough. He was very aware of this. It wasn't something he was used to feeling and so was quite unskilled in masking it. This was motivation enough to keep his eyes averted from her. If she caught wind of it, she'd certainly think that she'd succeeded in her goal.
    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.

    [Image: AWqs15D.gif][Image: kZuCust.jpg]
      "You seem to be fairing very well," she said, attempting at least a half smile. This night wasn't turning into what she expected it to be. She wasn't aware she would see him here, but why wouldn't she? If she knew anything about him, it was likely he'd want to get up as soon as possible – show the people of Hogsmeade that the hero that saved two women from a horrible troll was out and about. Her stomach did one of those rather unpleasant little somersaults as she noted he probably had gotten lots of fan mail, especially from admirers. Maybe that's why he was being so distant to her. If he was indeed about to profess his affections to her that night, and she so abruptly and rudely rejected him, was it possible he'd gotten over it by now and moved on? Amelia did not want to know the answer to that question.

      After a moment of silence, wherein he still refused to meet her eyes, Amelia reached down and unfolded her fan. It was rather hot in the room, and combined with the palpable tension she was starting to feel rather faint. Every muscle in her body was telling her to go – he didn't want her there, that much was obvious. It hurt more than she wanted to admit it. Maybe she would just go home. "I'll leave you be, Mr Skeeter," she said, attempting to meet his eyes one last time. After a brief, fruitless glance, she looked down, heart sinking. "You obviously have more important people you'd rather converse with." She bobbed a small curtsey and made to leave. Curse this bloody night. She never should have come.
    Amelia has heterochromia – her right eye is a deep amber color and her left is a dark brown.
    [Image: LQaqFJo.jpg]

    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: 4js6tg.jpg][Image: guLh08S.jpg]
    He could tell that his coolness had hurt her. The knowledge of it hadn't given him the slightest hint of satisfaction - despite his expectation of it. Apparently, he was not the vengeful sort. He'd not hurt her purposefully. It had been more a matter of self-protection from her hurting him. He's half suspected that the woman wouldn't have even cared, should she be toying with his heart. Yet if she was hurt... was she not toying with him? What was she playing at, then? She'd made it clear that she wasn't interested, so why would she try to be friendly?

    The contradicting thoughts slammed against each other in his mind, rendering him thoroughly confused. His reaction to her attempt to leave surprised him.

    "Amelia," He said so quietly that he was afraid she hadn't heard him over the crush of the crowd. He reached out a hand to touch the elbow nearest him just enough for her to be able to feel it through the fabric of her glove. This time a bit louder, he added, "Don't go. Please." Not again, he didn't add.
    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.

    [Image: AWqs15D.gif][Image: kZuCust.jpg]
      Amelia. The effect on her was greater than she expected, and she immediately stopped as if tied to the end of a rope and Barnabas Skeeter had just tugged it. The last time she'd heard him say her was at the theater at the Solstice Festival. She felt his hand on her arm, and it was all she could do to not start shaking. Why, oh why did he have this effect on her? His plea had her heart pounding in her chest. It was enough to knock the wind out of her body.

      She turned back to him, and immediately locked onto his stormy grey eyes. She instantly regretted meeting his gaze.The expression in his eyes was enough to make her knees weak. It said everything she both needed and didn't want to know. As the feeling in her chest grew tighter, she gripped her fan. What was she supposed to say to him? He didn't know what he wanted. She wasn't the one for him – he deserved better; less complicated, less damaged. "Barnabas," Saying his name did nothing to strengthen her nerves. "Mr Skeeter, I don't – you don't –" Every word she tried to get out died on her tongue. How was she supposed to tell him everything she wanted to? Everything he'd made her feel in these past few months – anger, fear, frustration, affection, passion – flooded through her all at once. "I lov –" Immediately, she stopped, horrified. Before, she hadn't known how to classify her feelings for him. Until now.

      "I'm – I'm sorry." she stammered, before turning on her heel and running as fast as her feet and voluminous layers would let her (which unsurprisingly, and with the thick crowd, wasn't that fast).

      I had no idea Amelia would get this flighty, I'm so sorry >.>
    Amelia has heterochromia – her right eye is a deep amber color and her left is a dark brown.
    [Image: LQaqFJo.jpg]

    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: 4js6tg.jpg][Image: guLh08S.jpg]
    What was that she'd been about to say? Certainly not what he'd thought it sounded like. That wouldn't have made any sense whatsoever, especially given its context. No, she clearly was not about to say "love". Or if she had, she was about to tell him that while she loved spending time with him, it just wouldn't work out. Though that didn't make much sense either. Another option that sprang to mind was that she'd meant to tell him that she loved someone else. Likely Mr. Two-Legs whom he'd seen her dancing with earlier. His mouth twisted enviously, but before he'd had a chance to react to any of it, she'd apologized, spun around and dove off through the crowd.

    "Wait-" He'd tried to reach for her. There was no way that he'd have been able to chase her through this crowd. He was mobile, but he wasn't nearly practiced enough to be able to follow her swiftly. The crowd would slow her down, certainly, but it would slow him down as well.
    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.

    [Image: AWqs15D.gif][Image: kZuCust.jpg]
      Damn her legs. Damn her heart. Damn her too many bloody layers, and damn Barnabas Skeeter for ever making her fall in love with him.

      As his hand caught her arm, she turned back around. "What?" she replied, desperately attempting to hang onto her composure. She did not care one bit for the way he made her stop in her tracks and listen. Were he anyone else – were he not the object of her damned affections – she would have listened, but there would not have been this tug at her heart telling – commanding – her to stay.

      Amelia could feel her palms tingling, and she grasped one hand with the other, willing her emotions to get themselves under control.
    Amelia has heterochromia – her right eye is a deep amber color and her left is a dark brown.
    [Image: LQaqFJo.jpg]

    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: 4js6tg.jpg][Image: guLh08S.jpg]
    Somehow, he'd managed to reach her. His reflexed were faster than he'd originally thought, which was a heartening notion. Logically, his losing a leg shouldn't have affected his reaction time. Barnabas didn't think about such things in a logical way and so was quite certain that everything about him was ruined. At least this would be something positive to reflect on later that evening. He had a sinking feeling that despite any attempts he would make, that this meeting would end poorly. Most of their meetings involved something going poorly. The more recent ones had ended poorly, whilst the ones beforehand had begun poorly. He didn't know which he preferred. If nothing could go poorly during this one, that would be grand.

    "I just -" He began, but was jostled by a rather jovial group of youngsters pushing past him. He'd not released her arm, quite fearful that she'd run off the moment he let go. "Will you come with me? Just down there-" He pointed with his free hand toward the bottom of the landing in Padmore Park. It was far less crowded and would offer them an opportunity to talk. There were still people milling about, so it wasn't at all private, but at least they wouldn't have to shout. He could feel a pleading look form on his face and hated himself for it. The effect she had on him was utterly ridiculous, especially since she wasn't about to return his attentions. Get a hold of yourself, man!

    It occurred to him that this might make her want to run from him even more, so he added in a tone that was meant to be reassuring, "Only for a bit."
    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.

    [Image: AWqs15D.gif][Image: kZuCust.jpg]
      Despite everything her mind was telling her to do, Amelia looked up at him. Dammit. Her brows furrowed, and her gaze followed his gesture. Thoughts swirled in her mind, all of them mostly telling her to say no, but it was rather difficult to do because he was still holding onto her arm. If he knew just how much an influence he had over her....

      She realized how taut her muscles were from attempting to flee, and she visibly relaxed, shoulders dropping as she stopped resisting his touch. Slowly, she nodded, moving her position closer and taking his arm to follow him down. Though her grip on his arm was relaxed, her heart was pounding so much she was sure he would be able to hear it. It occurred to her, the last time they were this close was, yet again, on the evening of the Solstice Festival. The evening and everything that had transpired was burned in her mind, especially the feeling of his lips on hers. Just remembering them pressed firmly against hers was enough to make her woozy. And the feeling of his hands cradling her face as he'd showered her with kisses and –


      Unaware she'd done it, Amelia took away the hand that had reached up to touch her lips as if reliving the memory. Thankfully they were at the bottom and she released his arm, turning to face him directly. Words failed her as she looked up at him again, heart still pounding loud as ever.
    Amelia has heterochromia – her right eye is a deep amber color and her left is a dark brown.
    [Image: LQaqFJo.jpg]

    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: 4js6tg.jpg][Image: guLh08S.jpg]
    This woman never failed to surprise him. First, she'd tried to run. Then she'd wordlessly agreed to be led to a slightly more secluded spot so that they could - presumably - talk. She'd probably try to run again at some point. It was becoming a common occurrence between them, it seemed. With his newfound confidence in his reflexes, he was confident that he'd be able to see it coming and stop her before she got more than a step away. He wouldn't allow her to run away again, not until he was good and ready to part, at least.

    There were envious glances their way as he'd escorted her to the bottom. He'd felt proud to have her on his arm, even if it was only temporary. He'd hoped she hadn't minded that he'd gone a bit slower than a normal pace. Barnabas would have liked to blame it on his prosthetic, but really it was just drawing out the amount of time that she was close to him. Being this close to her, he caught a whiff of the familiar scent of her hair - something he realized that he'd grown quite fond of since the evening of the summer solstice.

    The look she gave him made him want to melt into his shoes. Instead, he stood up to his full height and lifted his chin slightly. There were hundreds of things he wanted to say to her, to ask her, to demand of her. They fought a hard battle with each other - finally one popped out rather abruptly, "Who were you dancing with?" He flicked his chin upward to motion toward the dance floor. What a stupid thing to start with. Stupid, stupid man. Of all the things to say! He prepared himself to snatch her arm again to keep her put.
    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.

    [Image: AWqs15D.gif][Image: kZuCust.jpg]
      Whatever sort of reminiscing she'd previously done was thrown out the proverbial window as Amelia's jaw dropped slightly at his question. A stunned look replaced the rather helpless expression on her face. "Who was I dancing with?" She repeated. "Are you serious?" She was rather at a loss to say anything else, she couldn't believe what she'd just heard. Of all the things to say to her, Amelia was certain it'd be at least a little profound. Her brows formed a scowl, and she resisted the urge to put her hands on her hips.

      Frustration swelled in the pit of her stomach, and she drew a deep breath in attempt to keep her feelings under control. The truth was, she really didn't know who she was dancing with, and if they'd exchanged names during the dance, in her mind, his had been all but forgotten when she'd seen Barnabas just off the dance floor. "What does it matter, who I danced with?" she demanded, taking a step back. This was a mistake, coming down with him.
    Amelia has heterochromia – her right eye is a deep amber color and her left is a dark brown.
    [Image: LQaqFJo.jpg]

    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: 4js6tg.jpg][Image: guLh08S.jpg]
    Well, that couldn't have gone worse. What had he been thinking?! There was no taking it back now, however. He'd already begun to irritate her. Granted, it wasn't exactly his business - but he felt like it was. Like it should be. She was his, whether she knew it or not. Barnabas realized that this was a vaguely crazy and very likely abnormal thought about a person, but he couldn't help but to feel as if they had... something together. The Summer Solstice had left him with all sorts of muddled feelings. It was difficult to separate what she'd done and said then. None of it had been real. He had to remember that. But then... the more he thought of it, the more he thought that though he'd been given a hearty shove in that direction, that it would have been real for him eventually. It was real for him now.

    She'd taken a step away from him already. One more and she'd turn to flee. Tread carefully, Barnabas.

    "I just - I -" This had to come outright. It had to. He paused a moment in order to think properly. It was a genuine struggle to grasp onto anything solid. There were fleeting glimpses of things, of explanation, of questions, and then there was the ever present nervousness he felt around her that only helped to muddle things further.

    Finally he ended with what he thought was a safe (yet subtly accusing, if he were being honest with himself), "You looked happy with him."
    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.

    [Image: AWqs15D.gif][Image: kZuCust.jpg]
      He was struggling with his words? Amelia's scowl lessened as she realized this was a rare occurrence for him – usually he had no troubles with that. She absently toyed with a gold locket woven in with the blue ribbon on her dress while she waited for him to get out a proper sentence. He looked genuinely troubled. Something in her heart tugged, and she took a step forwards, peering up into his eyes. Emotions flitted across his face, too quick for her to discern what they were.

      Again, his response surprised her. Gripping the locket, she nodded in response. "I was." she said blatantly. She didn't mean it to come out so defiantly, and she winced slightly. "That is..." How was she going to phrase this? It occurred to her that despite having known Barnabas since her school days, they never really encountered each other except for when she'd set him on fire. "It was certainly a nice dance, I enjoyed the music, and despite what you may think of me, I love dancing."

      It was coming out all wrong. Her words tripped over themselves, and she wasn't making any sense. At least she didn't feel like she was, but she had a feeling this conversation ran along the same lines of the one they had about Archimedes when Barnabas was in the hospital. "I never got asked to dance at Hogwarts, you know, and my father wasn't the type of man to help his daughter–"

      Stop talking. Amelia didn't expect she'd say anything about her family to him, ever. Her cheeks flushed, and she could feel the heat rising up her back. Why she'd felt the need to justify her actions to him made her even more frustrated. She didn't owe him anything, and she certainly didn't want to breach this conversation about her family at all.

      But....if Barnabas had affections for her, the topic was going to come about eventually. And that terrified her to her very core. He would certainly not want to pursue anything with her after that. Wives were expected to come from a good family, with good morals, and hers didn't even come close to making the cut. "Dancing makes me feel free." She finalized, with a firm nod. "Forgive me if I indulge myself once in a while..."
    Amelia has heterochromia – her right eye is a deep amber color and her left is a dark brown.
    [Image: LQaqFJo.jpg]

    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: 4js6tg.jpg][Image: guLh08S.jpg]
    He hoped he'd covered up the wince she'd caused by her rather aggressive response. Barnabas had expected her to deny it, or wave his concern off like it was "just a dance" and hadn't meant anything. But it had made her happy - and he'd had to watch from the sidelines. She'd clearly moved on from whatever they'd had. It hurt. A great deal, in fact. Jealousy ate at him like a dragon devouring its prey. It came on all at once - strong and painful.

    The words that spilled out only served to confuse him more. "Despite what you may think of me..." What did she think he thought of her? He'd thought he'd made that quite clear at the hospital. Granted, he'd not actually voiced it outright, but he'd hinted. He'd hinted enough that it had made her run away, even. In that aspect, she'd made her own thoughts quite clear. Hadn't she? He couldn't think of any other reason for her constantly trying to run from him. Her words certainly didn't help him figure it out. Especially the bit about her father. Where had she been going with that?

    Entirely bewildered, the only thing he'd been able to grasp out of it was, "The man you were dancing with - he wasn't the one making you happy. It was the dancing itself." He just needed confirmation that this was indeed the case. That she'd not moved on and found someone else. Not that he knew whether she'd ever genuinely considered him as an option, but he would at least know whether he needed to move on from something that he was quite hopelessly obsessing over. For some reason, he felt like this may have not been the point she'd been getting at, but that was what he'd taken from it.
    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.

    [Image: AWqs15D.gif][Image: kZuCust.jpg]

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