Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Private Thread 
    Somehow, somehow, he'd gotten through the whole train journey and the carriage ride to the castle without being caught. He wasn't quite at ease yet, he wouldn't be until he made it through the feast and to bed, but his confidence was steadily growing in the likelihood of his getting away with it. Who was going to catch him anyway? He was fully human and surely the few who had been part humans were such a minority that there was no need for any sort of checking. Surely it was obvious he wasn't anything but human!

    These things were going through his mind as he furtively strode through the Entrance Hall and towards the Great Hall where a proper feast was sure to appear soon. Spryly hadn't eaten so well in months! Not that his old man was unable to put food on the table but it wasn't as tasty or plentiful as the food at Hogwarts.

    His stomach gave a loud growl.
    SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1887 | @'Hamish Darrow'

    Bask in the glory of my Lynn set!
    The first years were corralled in a rear chamber, ready to be paraded in—a job Hamish had gladly passed off to his matron, rather than enjoying himself. No, Hamish was much better suited to being ‘front of house’, as it were, and lurked in the Entrance Hall greeting familiar faces, the smile he bore beneath his beard not betraying his dismay at the faces the castle would be lacking that year.

    His eyes, he thought, must be betraying him as he caught sight of one youngster in particular who was supposed to have been ‘expelled’ by the Headmaster’s silly catch-all.

    “Mister Spryly!” the Hufflepuff head of house called out in a bid to confirm his suspicisons.
    Spryly flinched at the sound of his name being called out by the authoritative voice of a professor. In that moment, he recognized the two choices he could make - he could continue as he was going and hope he wasn't pursued, or he could approach the Deputy Headmaster and hope that his brazen confrontation would make the man second guess his expulsion, assuming that was why he was being called on at all but Spryly couldn't think of any other alternatives.

    He decided to pretend he hadn't heard and continued on towards the Great Hall. As much as he tried to seem confident and unperturbed, his ears were turning scarlet and his palms were growing clammier by the second or so it seemed.
    SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1887 | @'Hamish Darrow'

    Bask in the glory of my Lynn set!
    That no one had responded to the call brought a flicker of doubt to Hamish’s mind—but no, his gut was quite certain. Again, he called out, this time more sternly, “Mister Questor Spryly!”
    He heard the second utterance of his name, as did plenty of other people who were now glancing in his direction. There was a downside of not having a commonplace name - people remembered it, or at the very least they remembered the gist of it and that it was unusual. He really didn't have a whole lot of choice now.

    He stopped walking and his shoulder slumped dejectedly. Reluctantly, he turned back and headed towards Professor Darrow. "Hullo, professor." Darn it, and he'd been so close to getting away with it! "Can I help you?"
    SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1887 | @'Hamish Darrow'

    Bask in the glory of my Lynn set!
    That, at least, had done it.

    Though the lad looked sufficiently cowed, Hamish at least had to admire his spirit—that he had been caught had not yet stopped him from attempting to play innocent. The professor’s heart went out to the poor boy who had made it so far, but even if Hamish had not found him out, someone else would have. How long had young Mr. Spryly truly expected to keep this up?

    “Mr. Spryly, I must confess that I am surprised indeed to see you here this evening!” Hamish remarked. “Can you imagine, my boy, why I might feel so?”
    "Not at all, sir," he said in his best tone of innocence. He knew that Professor Darrow knew he was supposed to be anywhere but at Hogwarts and he knew that the professor knew that he knew but he just couldn't help himself. Perhaps he just wanted to delay the inevitable that little bit longer. Oh Merlin it wasn't fair! He could smell the feast and it wasn't even visible yet.
    SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1887 | @'Hamish Darrow'

    Bask in the glory of my Lynn set!
    “My dear boy,” the words were stern but his face sympathetic. To have made it to Hogwarts in spite of financial hardship, only to have it yanked away was one thing—to make it to Hogwarts in spite of an all-but-expulsion and then be forced out? It broke an old man’s heart to have to do it!

    “I believe you know very well that your name found itself on my list of unfortunates who were not returning to school this term. Have your circumstances changed?”
    Spryly's brow furrowed as the professor spoke of a list and it only deepened as he continued. "They 'ave if you mean I'm not part rabbit or somethin'; I'm as human as they come, sir!" he insisted defiantly. He didn't fancy he'd be listened to but he wasn't going to surrender so easily. Who knew anyway, maybe the old man would see how stupid it was to think he was anything but completely human and let him rejoin his classmates.
    SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1887 | @'Hamish Darrow'

    Bask in the glory of my Lynn set!