Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    EXCLUSIVE Interview with Eugene Scamander
    OCTOBER 28TH 1887


    [Image: o5vQa2.jpg]

    R eporters recently sat down to speak with none other than Mr. Eugene Scamander, current (and former) candidate for Minister for Magic about his ministerial platform. Mr. Scamander identifies as a centre-left candidate, and spoke with reports about his stance on various issues from reconciliation to universal suffrage!

    “Perhaps the most talked about issue in the current political climate is half-breed rights. What is your stance on the matter? Do you believe half-breeds should be given equal education and workplace rights?”

    It's an extremely sensitive subject matter. I feel like some of our recent legislation has been passed in haste and deserves a more thorough review. I do believe that all children deserve the right to an equal education. Their lineage is not their fault and should not impact their access to an education; if they act appropriately in school. For example, if we have a half-veela, for instance, using their natural charisma to their favor, that is not appropriate for a school or setting and should be dealt with on an individual basis, rather than a blanket ban.

    The same goes for the workplace, we have already been working comfortably with half-breeds until now, the sudden change was unfair, judging the actions of one or a few against the rest.

    “What is your stance on blood purity?”

    Despite my own blood status, my stance always has been and always will be that it should not be used to judge a person's worth. Use their achievements, their dedication, their attitude to determine their aptitude, not their blood to find their value in society.

    “What changes would you make to the current werewolf policy?”

    Another subject that could use more thorough investigation. I would personally like to put more research into possible opportunities for forward motion in this regard. I cannot make explicit plans for change until I understand the problem more at its root. Understandably this is how most people would view the issues as well; we could all use a does of impartial, important information regarding the matter, which I would thoroughly look forward to doing together as a community.


    “Do you believe muggles pose a threat to wizardkind, or should the wizarding community make an effort to live alongside them peacefully?”

    Absolutely not. Again, it is something more people need more information on. Our society has a hard time looking issues on the whole rather than judging by a few isolated incidents. We could easily start making strides in the right direction if everyone stopped to take a look around and have an open mind. Look at the success Irvingly has had so far, living with a mixed population in harmony. It is certainly a solid model for how life could look given the opportunity.

    “Do you support the recent reconciliation?”

    I do; it is most difficult to run a ministry or a government of any kind without cooperation from our closest neighboring government. As I stated previously, we can only make forward progress through continued cooperation. We all reside in the same towns and communities, even though most muggle populations are unaware and though we may not acknowledge one another now, that doesn't mean we can't in the future.

    “Why should people vote for you, Mr. Scamander?”

    Given my close work with Minister Urquart and his administration, I feel as though I have a good idea and a good idea on how to move forward from here. I respect what he has done in office and would, should I be elected, take the best of what his office has started and keep going and revise what I feel needs to be tinkered with. It is always a work in progress and I promise to give it my all. I cannot promise to be perfect, but I will dedicate myself to the position, the community and the best interests for both.


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    written by Bree & Bee

    CC Cassius Lestrange on all articles.
    OCTOBER 28TH 1887
    Eleanora Brownhill to Run for Minister

    Authoress and Charity Organizer Runs for Minister

    [Image: obj8Yf.png]

    O On the morning of October 28th, Mrs. Eleanora Brownhill née Nejem announced that she would be launching a campaign which would ideally land her the Minister’s office come December.

    The daughter of a prominent Arabian scholar and an Englishwoman, Mrs. Brownhill is a halfblood of mixed heritage. She spent her childhood abroad in her father’s homeland before returning to England to attend Hogwarts. At school, Mrs. Brownhill was an upstanding, exemplary Gryffindor who upheld institution regulations as both a prefect and Head Girl.

    Mrs. Brownhill married her husband, Walter Brownhill, in 1875 and became a mother to twin girls in 1876. Following the birth of her children, Mrs. Brownhill delved back into academia, penning numerous essays on a variety of social, economic, and political issues. These essays were widely published and Mrs. Brownhill quickly became a notable writer. In 1879, Mrs. Brownhill gave birth to another daughter.

    Following the arrival of her third child, Mrs. Brownhill published three acclaimed books on class, gender, and race respectively. She did so in the hopes of fostering a constructive dialogue in the magical community about these issues. To facilitate this, she also began to hold talks on her work that were open to the general public as well as fellow academics.


    While writing and raising her daughters, Mrs. Brownhill also began working with children’s charities as an organizer for events and fundraisers. As these organizations’ spokeswoman, she helped fund and revitalize their efforts to provide for disadvantaged youths. Some of these projects also involved coordination with offices in the Ministry.

    Despite having no prior experience as a politician, Mrs. Brownhill still strongly believes that she is a suitable candidate saying, “One can be an established politician and still know nothing of politics. I have made understanding our political system from any number of angles my work for the past decade and I am extremely knowledgeable about the issues we currently face. I will treat this with the gravitas it deserves and prove to the voting public that I am prepared to take on the full breadth of responsibilities that come with the Minister’s office.”

    Though Mrs. Brownhill did not mention any specific platforms at the time of her announcement, it can be assumed that they will be left leaning due to the content of her published works.


    Template created by ASHOO! of Caution 2.0 and edited by Shante of Charming.

    written by Alex

    CC Cassius Lestrange on all articles.
    OCTOBER 28TH 1887
    Rose & Thistle Loses Members

    Ladies Exit Popular Club Following Scandal Allegations

    A popular magical ladies' club has lost several members following a scandal allegation regarding one of its patrons. Rose & Thistle was founded in 1883 in an attempt to appeal to a more exclusive clientele than the much older Daughters of Demeter.

    The situation arose following allegations of scandal regarding one member of the club, though the management of Rose & Thistle would not say which member, for privacy reasons. A prominent member of the club, Miss Ophelia Dippet, announced her intention to discontinue her membership should the allegedly offensive member be retained. A number of ladies have followed suit, though again, club management was not forthcoming with any precise numbers.

    What could be in the cards for the youngest and therefore least established ladies' club? One thing the club management did say was that there is no cause for concern regarding their finances at the moment, even with the departure of some members, but not even a firmly established club could hold up to a complete loss of patronage.
    At present, members of Rose & Thistle are required to be "of good reputation" upon admittance into the club, but there does not appear to be any review board or method by which these standards are enforced following a lady's entry into the society. The present management is responsible only for the maintenance of the facilities available to members, the collection of dues, and the management of the club's staff.

    Miss Dippet says she has no intention at present to apply for the less exclusive Daughters of Demeter. "I value my reputation and my character too much to compromise on the company I keep," she said. "If there is not a ladies' club appropriately suited to the needs of a well-bred young woman of society, then I shall not belong to one."


    Template created by ASHOO! of Caution 2.0 and edited by Shante of Charming.

    written by Lynn

    CC Cassius Lestrange on all articles.

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