Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Brownhill Pens Campaign Platform
    NOVEMBER 14TH 1887


    [Image: oC7hNn.png]

    Mrs. Eleanora Brownhill, one of two women running for the Minister’s seat, gave The Daily Prophet exclusive permission to publish her campaign platform. As expected of such a prolific author, Mrs. Brownhill had quite a lot to say about hot button issues, the current state of the Ministry, and policies she would institute if elected. Below are her words, unedited. 

    ”There are a number of obstacles standing in the way of our society building a future we can all be proud of. I strongly believe I am the person most qualified to break through them. 

    These obstacles are not new. I know this because I’ve studied them, analyzed them, and written about them for the better part of the last ten years. I am not inexperienced when it comes to politics. My experience simply has different origins to that of a candidate with a position in the Ministry. I am well equipped to both speak and act on the most pressing issues of our time. 

    With regards to the issue of part-humans (the term I choose to substitute for ‘half-breeds’) and their place in our society, I believe we should focus more on integration rather than alienation. Laws or bans that punish these individuals for immutable aspects of themselves are not sustainable. Concern over the abilities of part-veela is understandable, but most other part-humans do not inherit significant advantages from their non-human parent. Whether you like it or not, these people - and they are people because mixed heritage goes both ways - exist and they cannot be disenfranchised as a whole purely out of fear. It's unconscionable and illogical. Shutting part-humans out of jobs and an education won’t make them disappear. They’ll still be here, they’ll just be poor, uneducated, and rightfully angry about being unfairly targeted. I would ensure they had a right to employment and education under law while also taking into account problems posed by any abilities they might have. 

    This policy of non-discrimination would also extend to issues of blood purity. As a halfblood and an intellectual, I take great issue with the implication that anyone who is not a pureblood is inferior. There is no evidence to justify claims to that effect. Entertaining blood purists is simply entertaining bigotry and ignorance. Blood status is not a valid way of determining a person’s qualifications for anything and I would place legal restrictions on doing so. Individuals are free to have their own beliefs, but those beliefs should be allowed not infringe on the rights of others.


    As for the matter of the sharp increase in attacks by werewolves, I have a number of grievances with how the Ministry has been handling the crisis. There has been a failure to stem the tide of brutality and violence on every level. Both the magical and non-magical populaces are being terrorized, but the WCU and the leadership of the DR&CMC have seen it fit to do nothing as far as the public is concerned. My highest priorities would be facilitating a thorough investigation of these departments, increasing transparency about their activities, and giving people some answers about concrete things that will be done to ensure their safety. To be clear - known, registered werewolves who understand the danger of their condition would have nothing to fear under my administration. I am only concerned with the control of those who hurt others out of malice or negligence. 

    Finally, being a woman running for Minister, the issue of universal suffrage is one I feel compelled to address. Women are an essential part of this world and our opinions have been woefully underrepresented in matters of government. There are those who would argue that women have no place in politics, but politics affects us just as it affects men. I believe anyone - man or woman - who contributes to society at large should have a vote. If elected, I would put forth policy to include the votes of women over twenty-one with gainful employment and unmarried women over thirty-five regardless of employment status.

    The issues we face today are as numerous as they are complex. They are issues whose solutions require deep thought, careful action, and intense dedication; they won’t be solved with a quick word and the wave of a wand. Competent leadership will be essential to navigating the quagmire of uncertainty we are entrenched in. I am confident in my ability to provide that leadership.

    Vote Brownhill. 

    Vote for your future.” 


    Template created by ASHOO! of Caution 2.0 and edited by Shante of Charming.

    written by Alex

    CC Cassius Lestrange on all articles.
    NOVEMBER 14TH 1887


    [Image: tumblr_o0lk4eUSST1tejmffo1_500.gif]

    P layers and spectators alike were shocked on the afternoon of November 11th when Puddlemere United’s first string seeker was taken out of the game after being struck by a bludger. Preoccupied by his search for the snitch, the seeker, Jacob Babineaux, seemed unaware of the bludger’s trajectory until it was too late.

    After the collision, Babineaux was immediately rendered unconscious and fell from his broom. He was saved from what would’ve been certain death by the referee’s quick use of a levitation charm. Once safely on the ground, Babineaux was carried off the pitch and transported to St. Mungo’s Hospital in London.

    With one of the league’s best seekers now out of his game, most expected the Harpies to seize a fast (and rare) victory. However, this was not the case. The game continued to drag on for more than twenty four hours as the only seeker in the game failed to catch the snitch.

    Even before the match was over, this reporter was asking questions about the seeker’s suitability for her position. While being questioned, the Harpies’ coach, Marceline Gillum, only offered explicative laden comments that are not fit to print in this paper.


    When the snitch was finally caught late on November 12th, the nightmarish game came to an end. Even with the capture of the snitch, the Harpies were woefully lacking where points were concerned. The final score was 190 to 230, in Puddlemere’s favor.

    On his team’s success in the face of adverse conditions Thom Pettigrew, Puddlemere’s sponsor, had this to say: "Of course, a team never expects to face a challenge of this nature on the pitch, but our players performed very admirably throughout the long game."

    As for the fallen seeker: "We wish Mr. Babineaux a speedy and thorough recovery. Our second-string seeker will be filling in until he's comfortable returning to the pitch."

    No one affiliated with the Harpies could be be reached for comment.

    The Prophet wishes both teams the best as the end of the season approaches.


    Template created by ASHOO! of Caution 2.0 and edited by Shante of Charming.

    written by Alex

    CC Cassius Lestrange on all articles.

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