Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    You have found our archive! Charming lives on here!
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    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
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    Issue #167 - The Folly of the French
    Even after the death of her husband, Mrs. Flourish managed to steer his business into astonishing success! Exceptional Women: Mrs. Flourish Is Not Your Average Widow
    Flourish & Blott's has been an established partnership for generations, but it was not until the arrival of Mrs. Flourish that this popular shop ever had a female as an equal partner. Since the unfortunate early death of her husband, Mrs. Flourish has proved herself a capable and intelligent businesswoman, and earned the respect of her co-owner, Mr. Blott.

    A busy day in the Diagon Alley bookstore!

    Some facts about Mrs Flourish:

    * Mrs. Flourish was born in 1830 to Muggle parents. Rumor has it that she didn't have any overt displays of magic before turning eleven, and her Hogwarts letter caught her entirely by surprise!

    * Mrs. Flourish was a Gryffindor from 1841-1848.

    * Mrs. Flourish and her husband, the late Mr. Flourish, shared a great love of books. They say that adventure novels are her favorites!

    * She has one son, who can be found almost daily at Flourish & Blott's. He speaks very highly of his mother and says he learned everything he knows about both books and business from her!

    * Mrs. Flourish also has three grandchildren: one girl and two boys, all of Hogwarts age.

    * Her business partner, Mr. Blott, is very good friends with Mrs. Flourish both in and out of the shop. As Mr. Blott is a widower there were once rumors that perhaps a second marriage might be in the cards for both of them, but everyone in either family has dismissed the notion as "utterly ridiculous!"

    * As Mr. Blott's son and heir is not currently involved in the running of the shop (and, by some accounts, has taken an acute disliking to his once-friend and potential business partner, Mrs. Flourish's son), there is some speculation that the shop may one day be owned exclusively by the Flourishes--though no one involved has ever cared to address such speculation, except once when the young Mr. Flourish called the notion of the shop ever changing its name "baseless and preposterous."
    Men come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. With this quiz, we'll be determining what age group you should target for your potential husband! What Age Group Would Make the Best Husband For You?
    1. How would you best describe yourself?
    A. Vibrant and sociable
    B. Maternal and doting
    C. Reserved and well-behaved
    D. Ambitious and socially-conscious

    2. What would your ideal home be like?
    A. A townhouse in magical London
    B. A comfortable home in Hogsmeade
    C. A reclusive cottage outside a bustling town
    D. A large estate deep in the countryside

    3. What traits do you value most in a man?
    A. Youth and attractiveness
    B. Qualities of a good companion
    C. Financial stability and responsibility
    D. Wisdom and influential

    4. Which is more important: love or financial security?
    A. Love! I’m no doubt a hopeless romantic!
    B. Love, but I cannot imagine marrying without certainty of my security.
    C. Security, but it would be nice to find a suitable companion.
    D. Security, no doubt! Love is not essential for a happy marriage!

    5. What do you imagine your husband’s family looking like?
    A. His parents might be closer to the age of my parents! He may have siblings close to my age as well (or even well younger!).
    B. His parents might be middle-aged and his sisters are likely married by now!
    C. His siblings may have children my age, and if still living, his parents are likely old and grey!
    D. He has a large family made up of siblings, nieces and nephews, and maybe the children of his nieces and nephews! His parents have most likely passed.

    ... If you got mostly As
    You should marry a man in his twenties! Marrying a man not yet at his prime can assure spontaneity and flexibility in a marriage that you might not get with a man who's well-established in the workplace!

    ... If you got mostly Bs
    You should marry a man in his thirties! While you definitely don't wish to marry an old warlock, you'd prefer your husband to have both an established career and much of his youth left in him! Men in their thirties are thought to be at their prime for producing the healthiest children as well!

    ... If you got mostly Cs
    You should marry a man in his forties! Men at this age are likely well-established in their workplace and communities (with some at this age being lucky enough to be a member of the Wizengamot already!). Men at this age have probably waited long to find the perfect wife to settle down with.

    ... If you got mostly Ds
    You should marry a man in his fifties or higher! Marrying a man of this age likely means your goals surpass simply companionship or romantic attraction. Men in their fifties—and higher!—likely lead the workplace and offer connections that your family would cherish!
    An initial sketch of 'Tour Eiffel', even on paper it is distinctly offensive to look at. The Folly of the French!
    As any well-to-do lady in society will be sure to tell you, Paris is by far the most fashionable city in Europe. From haute couture to elegant and delectable pâtisserie — Paris has it all. Parisians are always a step ahead in terms of what is à la mode, however, the recent construction of a large monument to be called 'Tour Eiffel' next to the Champ de Mars may be a step too far.

    Roughly a year ago, plans to build an eyesore were approved by the French muggle government – whom, we must add, are almost entirely funding the venture – and construction upon it began months later.

    A very recent photograph of this 'Eiffel Tower'.

    The construction in question is to be a glorified metal bridge leading precisely nowhere. As you can see from the above image, it is a grotesque blot on the Parisian landscape already and it shall only grow taller! Indeed, from the sketches of the finished product, it is unknown how these muggles imagine they shall ever make it stay up without magic! Perhaps the French Ministry will step in to secure the structure at some stage to prevent the inevitable carnage wrought when it topples over. Better still, they may vanish the monstrosity instead for which no one could possibly blame them for the Statute of Secrecy breach!

    Certainly French wizards have lost their sense of pride to allow their muggle countrymen to deface their capital in such a heinous manner.

    Now that Paris is to be utterly ruined, we highly recommend venturing to Venice, Brussels, Rome, or even Prague instead. Otherwise we can only hope that talk of its demolition in a few years time rings of truth.
    3 Things Extremely Likeable People Do
    Everyone’s goal is to be well-liked. However, many people struggle at it and it leads to catastrophic consequences: debutantes become spinsters and socialites’ events are ignored because nobody likes them! To some people, being likeable comes naturally. Others have to work at it. We at Witch Weekly have compiled a list of 3 things extremely likeable people do!

    1. Talk Less, Listen More
    A talkative person may find it easier to be in the centre of attention, but they can also be tiring to those who have to listen to them. Being a good listener is an extremely good skill to possess and an instant way to get people to like you. Think of it that way: people like talking about themselves. As such, if you show them that you’re interested in what they have to say they’ll like you more! How does one become a good listener? First of all, don’t listen to a person with the intention of answering. Secondly, try not to appear judgemental about what they have to say. People don’t like feeling judged! Thirdly, it helps to ask questions to move the conversation along and show that you’re invested in the conversation.

    2. Smile More!
    Nobody likes gloomy people. Putting a smile on makes you instantly more likeable. Be careful; an obviously fake smile is as good as none! Try to engage the apples of your cheeks when you smile. Next time you are introduced to someone, put on a smile. It’s more likely that the other person will like you! Besides, smiling more has shown that it elevates a people mood. Don’t be a Mrs. November Malfoy!

    3. Be Genuine
    We all like people we can trust. Losing someone’s trust is a sure way to make ourselves unlikeable! Try to be genuine and true for yourself, as that will make you appear more confident and there is nothing more attractive than confidence in a person! Try to keep true to your word. Don’t make any promises you can keep!

    Lady Elizabeth Humphrey-Mavis. It's no surprise she's always the life of the party with a smile like that!

    Mrs. November Malfoy. It's a pity that such a pretty young woman doesn't smile more!

    @'Elizabeth Humphrey-Mavis' @'November Malfoy'