Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #168 - The Dangers of Marrying For Love
    [Image: p6XnSM.png]
    Who Wore It Best?
    All of our readers will be well familiar with the struggle of how to style one's hair before a big event. Often even with the help of magic, the more complicated arrangements can take hours with the help of a skilled lady's maid. Cutting corners, of course, is a complete faux pas, as most guests can spot a hasty hairdo from a mile away. No woman wants the reputation of being the sort to not take any pride in her appearance, but we can all admit that styling can be a lengthy and painful process. Perhaps that's why not one but two notable society women have recently been seen sporting hybrid half-up hairdos, instead of the more traditional braided and beaded approaches.

    Mariana Macnair holds a position of respect in society largely because of her natal family and their influence; she herself has taken a less traditional approach to the life of an upper class woman and worked at the hospital for many years. With a noted disregard for social customs in one respect, one might view her recent hair style less as an attempt to be innovative and more as yet another skirting of traditional etiquette.

    Evelyn Abercrombie, on the other hand, can be seen as Mrs. Macnair's opposite in many respects. Following the death of her mother, Olivia Pendergast, Mrs. Abercrombie has assumed control of the Pendergast School for Young Roses, the wizarding nation's premier finishing school; she might easily be said to be the very picture of propriety.

    Compared side by side, it is clear that Mrs. Abercrombie's look had much more style and grace than Mrs. Macnair's, though whether this is in fact the case of whether Mrs. Macnair's darker locks simply disguised much of the definition needed to make this look work is anyone's guess. This is a style which can only work well when it looks entirely intentional; otherwise, one risks looking messy or haphazard, as in the case of Mrs. Macnair this past month. Until the style has become more established, we would recommend it only to our fair-haired readers — and even then, only to those who feel quite confident in their maid's abilities at the dressing table, as this style is not for everyone!
    Mrs. Macnair's dark locks made this hairstyle lack definition. Did she simply pull back only half of it, or is there more nuance to this look?

    Mrs. Abercrombie's style had much in common with a more traditional hairstyle, but cascaded down the back of her neck as well.

    @'Mariana Macnair' @'Evelyn Abercrombie'
    Lonely Hearts
    Adventure Awaits

    A young woman of a well known family looking for a smart man to sweep her off her feet. Intelligence and understanding a must as well as a strong and confident personality. Must be ready to put up a fight if needed when it comes to overbearing male relatives. Bonus for a love of travel. A sweet smile, brilliant mind, and darling dimples await.


    Young Quidditch fan of middle class upbringing seeks a Quidditch player husband. May also be a former Quidditch player. Blood status does not matter but being of an amiable nature does. Scoundrels need not respond.

    A Green-eyed Maiden

    A young gentleman, barely in his thirties, is in want of a sweet, green-eyed creature to call his wife. She must have a pleasing smile and a natural kindness about her.
    The gentleman in question is of a handsome sort and longs, above all else, to settle down and begin a family. Love of a patient sort is preferred over passion.


    Petite, young lady of middle class upbringing in search of a gentleman to enjoy mutual affection and companionship within the bonds of matrimony. Gentlemen of short stature preferred but appearance is unimportant should they be a compatible match. Must be capable of supporting a wife. The young lady would enjoy it very much if they were to enjoy social events and a respectably adventurous life full of travel.

    A Lucky Lady

    The Perfect Gentleman Seeks to Court Lucky Lady
    Gentleman seeking kind hearted lady for courtship. The gentleman in question has a stable and
    established career and can offer a comfortable life for a wife. He will not bore you with unnecessary talk, but rather will shower you with affection and be the perfect companion for both social events and marriage. Mild mannered and with a good sense of humor he will indulge you just to see a smile. The lady should be respectable and of good family looking for a suitable husband who will only want her happiness.

    Respectable & Chivalrous

    Seeking a gentleman of kind disposition and humble income in need of a young wife. Respectable and chivalrous, but not overly stiff and stoic. Capable of providing any potential bride with adequate attention.

    For: A doting young lady from a humble upbringing. Experienced with the children of others, but with a desire to experience a family of her own. A blonde beauty of no older than twenty years of age.

    Happiness is just an owl away! Send a letter in with your personal advertisement or response to have it printed in the next issue. Address your letters to: Lonely Hearts, Witch Weekly.
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       Barnabas Skeeter
    From the time a young lady is taught to speak, her training for marriage begins. While many women in today’s day find happiness beyond marriage with careers, there’s no arguing that the only true method for stability is marriage to a man worthy of one’s hand in marriage. The Dangers of Marrying for Love
    The past century has seen a rise in literature aimed for young women, namely novels where romance is the main topic of focus. While many young ladies find themselves enamored with the tales and the lessons they may bring, there is little reason to believe they assist a woman with finding a respectable, suitable husband in any way.

    To put it as clearly as possible: Marrying for love, despite providing momentary bliss, seldom produces successful, happy marriages. The notion that love must exist between a match for a marriage to be harmonious is a recent and rather foolish one indeed! Though many believe the days of arranged marriages and marrying purely for wealth and political connections (and therefore ignoring any compatibility between the pair!) may be behind us, the notion that love — and only love — is what a young lady should be pursuing is bound to wreck the foundation of our very own society!

    A young debutante experiencing her first (or perhaps even her second or third!) season is susceptible to feelings of affection to any man who gives her the attention she’s only witnessed in her silly romance novels. The man, frequently full of of charm, has no difficulty capturing her attention; however, all young ladies should beware. It is said that a gentleman truly in love will rarely appear attractive to the object of his affection, for the confident charm and pleasant disposition will be replaced with nervousness and quite obvious dips in their self-esteem. For such reason, many woman who claim to love a man of such charm and poise — and to be loved by him in return — are only fooling themselves and securing their unhappy future with a man who sees their marriage as what it was truly meant to be: a business arrangement.

    While traits such as charity, chivalry, and kindness should most definitely be assessed in a potential husband, women should be caring far more about the prospects such a match brings for their future! A man, though gentle and romantic, is worth little as a husband if unable to provide financial and physical security to his young bride and whatever children may come for the marriage. Instead a young bride-to-be should make sure to examine a man for the following in the event of a potential engagement:

    Ancestry: The magical community in Britain, while small compared to that of the muggle community, is not free from possible deception. Many men may make frivolous claims about their heritage or relations, including the presence of any troublesome family members or tainted blood. While the blood status of a man is not always important to a young woman, it is advised that the bloodline is examined closely for traces of non-human blood, while may potentially ruin the prospects for your children if knowledge of such ancestry was to ever emerge.

    Estate: The wealth of a man may seem apparent based off his standard of living, but the worth of a man is not always evident by outside appearances. Very frequently, insecure men with little wealth will live extravagantly, with little money remaining from their inheritance or in their Gringotts account. On the other hand, some gentleman prefer to live modesty — many indeed saving their money until the time comes to support a family! — and keep many hidden investments and piles of galleons within their Gringotts vaults. Such hints can be found even before the engagement takes place; if a man takes an unnatural interest in the value of your father’s estate, he may be searching for gold he doesn’t have to his name!

    Character: A man’s character upon introduction may be deceiving, which is why we advise all young ladies to engage in a length courtship before the topic of engagement becomes one of regular conversation. A man’s character goes beyond the manner in which he treats the object of his affection; a young lady should also be aware of the way he treats his family (particularly his mothers and unmarried sisters!), strangers, and especially those beneath him on the social ladder. A man’s character can hardly be judged on how he treats his equals and superiors; to find that truth, one must discover how he treats the poor and needy.

    Though months away from the next season, many young ladies are preparing to make their debut — either right out of Hogwarts or finishing school. Many are also hoping to redeem themselves from failed first seasons, and may be wondering what went wrong! Before any young lady can find herself happily situated in matrimony, she must be aware of the type of man she is marrying. Ignorance to the true character of a man, often misconstrued by feelings of infatuation, can lead to long-term unhappiness.

    [-] The following 1 user Likes Witch Weekly's post:
       Barnabas Skeeter

    Discover Your Love Horoscope for 1888!
    You might find yourself second guessing a possible romantic connection in your life. Don't force it but see where it will lead. You might very well be pleasantly surprised!
    Take a chance on love and confess to the one that you have been longing for. Especially if they are a Leo or Sagittarius! They are definitely meant to be in your life.
    When it comes to matters of the heart, it would be in your best interests to avoid romantic connections with Scorpio’s and Libra’s.
    You may think that you have found love at first sight but it is not as it appears. Be careful that you don't tie yourself too closely to frogs disguised as princes.
    Your perfect match is most definitely a Leo! They will find ways to amuse you that you might have never thought of before. A great quality to have in a life partner!
    It would be in your best interests to avoid any Pisces’ that you might be involved with. They are most definitely not a good match for you and it is best to cut ties now rather than later.
    Now is not a good time for you to find love. Instead, you should fill your time with a new hobby. Perhaps something you never considered before?
    The worse possible match in the world for you is a Taurus. They will take from you without giving anything in return. Your best match would be a Cancer, especially one that is well-read.
    The Scorpio in your life is quite likely a gold digger. It would be best to not get too close and it would definitely not be in your best interests to marry them. Your best chance would be to look for love elsewhere.
    You will find new love in the most unexpected of places. Just let it happen and you will find great happiness in your romantic future.
    Sociable sorts would be a very bad match for you. At the next party that you attend, consider giving a wallflower a chance and you just might find that you will find the greatest romance that you could ever hope to experience.
    Be very wary of any Virgo’s and Aquarius’s in your life. Their motives might not be as innocent as you would like to believe. It is best to steer clear of them until you can decipher what they expect from you.

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