Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    You Again?
    February 17, 1888

    Off season was the worst. Especially when there were almost no games to look forward to until the end of off season and add to that less practices than during the actual season. By the end of the first week he was finding menial tasks to complete to keep from completely going crazy. By a few weeks in he was desperately looking for things to do to occupy the amount of time he had on his hands.He had volunteered to pick up medicine for the family owl for his mother despite knowing they could easily have sent a servant. It made him feel as if he actually had something to do, plus it helped his mother out, which was an added benefit as it ensured when he visited next she’d likely have his favorite meal instead of Alvin’s - always a good thing. Rufus would be glad when May rolled around again.

    The day was nice enough for winter, still cold out, but not snowing and the sun was at least snowing. It was nice enough to make such a walk enjoyable for Rufus as he left his apartment and made his way to the Owl Emporium on High Street. Jaunts like these were part of the reason Rufus truly enjoyed having a home near the center of Hogsmeade. Even if he wasn’t exactly in the fashionable end of town he could at least justify both the price and the convenience of such a home.

    Inside the Owl Emporium was dim compared to outside. The hooting of owls surrounded Rufus for a moment as he collected his bearings. He was amount to head to the desk at the back of the store to pick up the order when his eyes adjusted to the dimness enough to notice a familiar petite brunette female standing in front of the owls. Well fancy that, it was the nameless young lady he had met when buying gloves almost a month ago.

    It would be a lie to say Rufus hadn’t thought from her since then. She had been quite alike many of the young women he had met and he truly believed that Sloane would love meeting the young woman. But above all what really kept bringing his attention back to their encounter was that he still had no idea who she was. Not knowing was like a persistent itch to his back and honestly Rufus had no idea why. He chalked it up to curiosity and the old adage that curiosity killed the cat.

    Well fancy meeting you here.” Rufus greeted the young woman moving toward her instead of his destination, a smile already brightening his features. “Or should I make my hasty exit before you ask me to try on an owl?” He added, hoping to hear the young lady laugh again.

    @'fortuna Lockhart'
    Tuni was definitely in need of her own owl. If she was going to continue correspondence with her "pen pals" she couldn't keep using the family owl. She could be found out much easier that way. She'd also considered taking up a freelance writing job. She figured she may as well put her brainsto use and write up research papers for those that were better at research than they were writing. Hopefully, it would turn a decent profit and then she'd be able to live vicariously through those out traveling and researching.

    She'd saved up enough from her secretarial work that she figured she could purchase herself a decent enough owl. Only problem was, there were a lot of owls to choose from and she was kicking herself for not doing any research. She had been staring at the owls for who knew how long that she had been rather oblivious to the other customers coming and going. So much so that she hadn't even realized the gentleman coming up to her though his voice was familiar enough to draw her away from her thoughts.

    She did laugh though at his last remark and gave a gentle shake of her head. "No, no," she started as she looked to him with a smile, "Nothing quite so drastic. Though if you're up for another exchange of favors I could use some help if you know anything about owls." She raised a brow as she looked at him then, almost as if issuing a slight challenge.
    The young woman laughed the joke, the real laugh that most ladies sought to contain and made Rufus smile. He had never figured out why ‘refined’ ladies never truly laughed. It just wasn’t natural .

    Nothing quite so drastic. Rufus chuckled at the comment. Glad to see their exchange from last time echoed in the tone of their conversation. Although he had to admit the idea of trying on owls reminded him of muggle knights off hunting years ago. What a ruckus that would be here in the store. Trying to corral a variety of owls to try on.

    Favors, huh?” Rufus smirked in amusement at the statement. Exchanging favors. He liked the thought of that. Just your friendly neighborhood favor exchanger. Or well, something like that. “I suppose I could help…” Rufus drawled out pretending to consider it. “On the condition that you return the favor.” He didn’t need anything at the moment that he was aware of, but he was sure he could think of something. “Although I will admit I know little about owls as it is, I may be more assistance than that gentleman over there.” Indeed the store clerk looked about as green as young boys could come and likely was only sitting there nose stuck in what appeared to be a copy of Witch Weekly, entirely oblivious to the couple standing by his owls.

    @'fortuna Lockhart'
    Tuni's grin widened when he suggested she return the favor. It clearly was becoming a thing between them. She was ok with that though. It simply made their interactions that much more interesting. She actually quite enjoyed it and it looked as though he did, too.

    Her attentions turned to the clerk with his nose in Witch Weekly and she couldn't help but to wrinkle her nose. The gentlemanhad a point. She doubted he'd be anymore help than what she could already deduce for herself.

    "I need a good, sturdy owl. One that can go long distance but still be relatively quick," she said, jumping straight into what it was she was looking for while looking back to the variety of birds, "Any suggestions?"
    "Write lots of letters, then, do you?" It likely wasn't entirely a polite question, but Rufus thought he might be able to attribute that to helping look at owls in the first place. It was a relevant question after all. Although perhaps he was being too curious. Like how he was now wondering if she had seen the Quidditch cup match and what she had thought of it. Instead he focused on the question at hand rather than ask the obvious question on his mind.

    Scanning the owls on their posts Rufus pointed to a large gray owl, "My family has a gray owl, although mother claims he's one of the most useless owls she has ever seen. He's great as long as it's short distances, in town and to Hogwarts, but other than that he gets tired and takes days to go anywhere." Timmy really was a rather dull owl as far as they went. "I have a barn owl, Snitch, and he's been great. Have never had an issues with him and I've heard most barn owls are pretty dependable."

    Rufus mainly knew owls by the ones his family had purchased over the years, well and those of his friends. One of the young ladies in his acquaintance had recently introduced him to a tiny owl called a Little Owl that she had claimed was popular on the continent. Rufus had scoffed but she had sworn that the tiny thing was the best owl she had ever had. His eye caught on one of the smaller owls near them and he pointed at the creature. "Now this little guy, I've heard they are very dependable. An acquiescent of mine recently purchased one and said that she'll never part with him. Swears he's the quickest most dependable owl." Rufus shrugged, "But then again he's also a pretty cute fellow so I suspect that plays into it."

    @'fortuna lockhart'
    Tuni nodded in brief response to his initial question. "I do," came her simple answer while she looked at him, "I hope to take on a freelance sort of position. Deciphering and writing the research of those more suited to travlling and researching than writing coherently." She smiled at the thought, hoping it was something she could make happen.

    She continued to watch him as she listened to him explain what he knew of the winged creatures in front of them. She nodded when necessary though her smile faded some as she took the information in and thought it all over silently. Her eyes widened some as he drew her attention to the smaller owl. Her brow furrowed as she took the sight of the small thing in even though it clearly looked eager seeing it had their attention over all the other owls.

    Taking a small step forward, she stuck her hand out to the little creature. The little ball of brown and white speckled feathers chirped to get quite pleasantly before hopping right into her hand. He settled happily on her hand, Tuni realizing that he wasn't much bigger than if she put her two hands together. "Would you like to go home with me then little fellow?" she asked with a smile just for the little creature that trilled in response. She couldn't help but to laugh as she looked back to the man beside her. "I think that means yes," she did while still smiling before asking, "What do you think?"
    "That sounds quite interesting. I would rather think doing the traveling itself would be more fun though." Rufus had never really been one to enjoy reading about things, he'd much rather be out there doing them. But he supposed most young ladies really didn't have any options on that front. "I shall be interested to hear how the endeavor goes though." He added, if only because he found the young lady to be quite delightful to talk to - even in random shops of Hogsmeade.

    The young woman seemed to listen to his words as if he knew quite a bit about owls, although he did feel rather unsuited to the task. The moment he mentioned the little owl though, her face seemed to lighten up ad she made her way over the tiny thing. Rufus rather thought the owl preened as he hopped into the young lady's hands. A trill came from the bird in response to her question and even Rufus had to laugh at that, especially as the young woman's delightful laugh rose in answer to the owl. Apparently Rufus was quite the sales person. Although he still wasn't quite sure about the small owl's worth.

    "I'd rather say you've charmed him, my lady." Rufus replied with humor filled smile.
    "If I could," Tuni said with an almost wistful smile as she gently pet the owl perched on her hand, "I would. However, one needs the means to do so and unless I were.." She trailed of though, remembering she was talking to a gentleman she didn't really know. It wouldn't really do to tell him she needed to marry a man interested in doing such things if she was going to be able to travel.

    She couldn't help the slight blush as he said my lady but kept her attentions on the small bird. "I think Hermes is a bit overdone," she mused to herself proof out loud, "Perhaps Apollo instead."
    Rufus tilted his head at her words, the undertone coming through loud and clear. He didn't know her and it was impolite to inquire further, but he rather disliked the frown on her lips and choose to try to make her smile instead of brushing off the comment. "Unless you were a charming quidditch player, such as myself?" He teased, it certainly wasn't the best he could come up with but with out assuming or implying anything the young lady would rather not have said he could do little more.

    Her reasoning was sound on name, Rufus nodded with her, but did add his own thoughts on the matter. "Don't you think Apollo almost do big a name for such a small fellow? It'd be a lot to live up to."
    Tuni gave him a small shrug at his response. She couldn't very well go into detail with why she was still single and what kind of man she hoped to marry without sounds desperate or like she was forming some sort of trap for him. Either thought would bother her if he were to end up thinking of her in such a way.

    "He may be small but something tells me he's got a big heart," She said, trying to smile once again as she cooed lovingly to the little bird.
    The lady didn't even smile at his joke and Rufus found himself glad she was fully engrossed in the owl at hand as a frown edged the corners of his lips. He had been hoping she'd laugh again, the same easy way she had at the quidditch store. He let the topic drop.

    "Apollo it is then." Rufus agreed, watching the lady's face alight at the small owl in her hand. Even he had to admit he found the bird charming. Likely Sloane would as well. Although if he were ever to get an owl the size of Sir Apollo here he'd likely be laughed off the team.

    Rufus cleared his throat slightly, in part to take her attention away from the bird. A smile lilted his lips. "Well it appears that I have done your favor as requested," He began, "Now, may I request mine?" The idea had been brewing in the back of his mind since the beginning of their conversation and he wondered what she would make of it.
    Tuni was still smiling when he cleared his throat up get his attention. She looked up at him then, her hand stilling on the owl only for him to ruffle his feathers in clear agitation. Apollo turned his head to the man taking the attention away from him. Tuni was fairly sure the little beast was glaring at him and couldn't help but to snicker.

    "Of course," she said with a nod, her full attention on the gentleman, "A favor for a favor."
    Rufus was sure the creature was glaring at him, it's too round eyes staring all too intently on Rufus now that the lady was looking at him. No, he didn't think he'd purchase a little owl. Snitch would be much too jealous, if all was to be considered.

    He smiled as she repeated their 'deal'. He wondered how she might feel with his own request, but of course there was only one way to find out. To suggest it. "I would ask you the favor of your correspondence." Rufus began, feeling slightly nervous. He had enjoyed getting to know the lady the last two times he had run in to her and he had regretted not getting her name last time. Originally he had hoped to get her name, but now he rather hoped simply to have the chance to further his acquaintance with her. "If only to see more of Mister Apollo here." Rufus nodded his head at the small owl still angrily glaring at him. "And to give him a test run, make sure he is up to the task you are setting before him, and all..." Rufus added, running his hand through his hair. At the mention if his name the owl's stare only seemed more severe, as if he could sense Rufus's doubt of him in front of his lady.
    Tuni stared almost blankly at him for a moment, her mouth slightly agape at his request. To say she hadn't been expecting it would have been putting it lightly. She wasn't even truly sure what to say though she could feel her cheeks burning with a blush. Hopefully it was dark enough in the lightly lit store for him not to see that she was indeed blushing.

    "I would be delighted," she finally managed to say though if her voice was strained it was because of her own embarrassment, not for lack of wanting to continue getting to know the gentleman even if it was just through letters. Letters were safer anyways. Her father and brother couldn't frighten him away if they didn't know about him after all.
    Rufus definitely felt like he had overstepped there, from the tone of her voice and was that a blush on her cheeks? He couldn't quite tell if it was his own self consciousness at the forward suggestion or the lighting, but he mentally shrugged it away. After all she hadn't said no. A grin spread over his features at her answer, even if he did almost regret the suggestion simply from that tone. But the answer had still be a yes. "I will be honored." Rufus replied with a half bow at the lady and her owl.

    "I shouldn't take any more of your time." A smile lingered still on his lips, but he was sure she had more important places to be than the owl emporium with a gentleman like him who literally had nothing better today than picking up owl medicine. "It was a pleasure to meet you Mister Apollo." Rufus added, looking directly at the owl and nodding. "It was a pleasure to see you see you again, Miss." He met the young lady's eyes with a grin. "If you'll excuse me?" And with that he made his change and walked out the door.

    He was half way down the street when he realized he had forgotten to give the poor girl his name, his delight in his plan dampened, he no doubt would not be receiving a visit from the feisty Mister Apollo in the future and he had once again not procured the lady's name. Was he losing his edge?

    @'Fortuna Lockhart'