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Surprise! - Fortuna Lockhart - 02-24-2018

@'Rufus Bixby'

February 25, 1888

Mr. Bixby,

I wasn't entirely sure if I should still write to you after our last encounter as you didn't give me your name. However, since you seem to be something of a famous Quidditch player, your name was quite easy to track down so I thought, why not? If, however, you truly didn't wish to correspond, i will fully understand if I do not receive a response and you simply throw this letter into the fire. All I ask is that you don't do so in the presence of Apollo. He seems to be a feisty sort and may not take to such an act kindly.

I do hope this letter finds you well though and that you aren't going too stir crazy in your off season. I have yet to find anyone to hire me for their writing needs though I hope someone will come along soon enough. I forgot to ask the other day how your sister liked her present. Did you master the art of embroidery and stitch her initials in?

Miss T